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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What? Ladybugs!

It's that time of year again...the attack of the killer ladybugs, ah, no, not really.  That's pretty extreme isn't it?  Hee hee!  But, we do get swarmed by ladybugs this time of year - - nearly every year.  Caleb discovered the first of the darling little critters before church last Sunday.  As usual, she has taken up residence in our bedroom, the typical location of choice.

It's a mystery to me why this happens every year.   While some people might find themselves with a case of the willies at the discovery of these little boys and girls on their bedroom ceiling, I'm really not bothered by it.  It's a phenomenon I prefer to enjoy rather than allow to disgust me.  I admire every lady bug I see outside and the thought of pulling out the vacuum cleaner to rid myself of the problem (as was one suggestion from someone I shared this story with), is really not something I want to do. 

By the next day we had two.  We'll see how many venture indoors this year.  I have pictures from previous years of the spots on my bedroom ceiling.  Counting was impossible as I lost track of which one's were which by the time I got to fifty!  I'll share one of those if this year's numbers don't measure up.

Many go out the way they came in and eventually they disappear one by one.   A few random one's do have to be vacuumed up as they just don't survive their trip into our home. 

Out of curiosity, I googled "ladybugs in the home" and came up with lots of links.  From the good ones on how beneficial they are for your garden, to the bad where folks are describing major infestions of ladybugs and how to get rid of them.  If you're curious yourself, read here, Lady Bug Control.  After looking at that page, I'm guessing I should be grateful we've had roughly 50 and that they disappear on their own.  These little critters that cause curiosity in our home can cause quite a bit of trouble if the situation gets out of hand.

For now we'll enjoy the mystery and pray it never becomes a problem...

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