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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Okay, so, our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are non-traditional to say the least.   Ever since the divorce, and then a remarriage, the families we have to see has grown.  It's hard to decide when to go where, to fit everyone in, and mostly to not hurt anyone's feelings.  Really though, it's hardest on the kids during that time, but I'm not going to go into all that.  That's not what this post is about.  What would be way TOO deep.

I want to share a light-hearted, funny moment from Caleb.  But, in order to understand the "why" part of there not being any presents under the tree for me, you have to understand that my 2nd son is 15 and still gets swapped for holidays.  Whatever holiday he is with me is the holiday we stay home.  With that said, he was to be with his dad for Christmas this year.  As a result we would have to celebrate Christmas a week early.   Only Johnny didn't put the days with the dates and our Christmas snuck up on him.  The day before we are to celebrate our little family Christmas and hours before we are celebrating the Schmitt family party, he realizes he has not shopped for me.  It's okay I tell him, we'll do it later.  Not a big deal.  

Now, I did not make a major purchase for him, but I had saw to it that there were a couple of simple items under the tree with his name on them.   Never thinking the boys would even notice if there weren't any for me.  Kids are typically into their new-toy-heaven after opening gifts.

When all the gifts are opened and I'm sitting there enjoying the moment of joy on their faces, Caleb notices mommy didn't have a present and asked dad why.  Johnny is honest with him and says, "I failed son.  I didn't go shopping."  The moment passed and all was okay.

Monday comes around and the moment dad's truck is in the driveway he dashes out the front door.  I'm thinking to myself, boy he's excited to see dad today.

Johnny comes in grinning and says, "Caleb just asked me if I went shopping today.  I asked for what and he pointed his thumb toward the house with big eyes and said, for her!"   Meaning me.  Johnny said he shook his head no and said no I didn't.

Caleb, with ALL his years of wisdom said, "Aww, dad.  You failed AGAIN!"

Hee hee hee hee....

Needless to say, Tuesday after work I was invited to go shopping....No more failure on Johnny's part.  The new cookware is nice, but the best part was the surprise tree ornament he handed me just before bed.  He'd picked it up at the King Ranch Saddle Shop earlier in the day.  The fact he saw it and thought of me means the world to me...

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