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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Midnight Mommy Moments

When you become a mommy, you quickly discover your nights are no longer own.  No more sleeping through or sleeping in.  They have a new owner who just so happens to be the little one you've brought into the world. 

This mommy is 44 years old.  My oldest child is D. 25 - - not counting my step-daughter who is 29 and came into my life about a year before D. was born.  Then comes A. 21 and R. 15.  My youngest C. is 5.  Add to that mix a few grandchildren I've had the pleasure of caring for over the years and you can see I've been getting up at night with someone for, oh, over twenty five years now...

Of course, midnight mommy moments aren't as often as they used to be, but they still occur.  Instead of feedings, the crankies, and diaper changes we have potty breaks and coughing attacks.   The potty breaks are down to about 2-3 time a week now and the coughing attacks come and go with the seasons and weather.

Last night we had a coughing attack.  It was a while past midnight though...oh, about 1 am.  I lay there for a few minutes trying to determine if this is a random cough or one that is not going away any time soon.  Ah, yes....this guy is hanging around.  So, I get out my arsenal of coughing products.  First comes the "Vital Vapor Balm" from Little Moon Essentials, an all natural rub that works amazing wonders for one who is suffering from a cough.   I give C. a good rub down on his back, tummy and feet, then slip on a pair of socks and we crawl back in bed as this usually does the trick...But, five minutes into the waiting the cough is increasing.  So, back to the cabinet to retrieve my "Childrens Chestal Honey" Homeopathic Cough Syrup and my "Wellness Herbal Kids" that I picked up from MaxLife.  One half a dropper of Wellness in the cough syrup and we're good to go. 

Not more than two years ago I was not one to use Homeopathic anything. But, as I learn more and more about the chemicals and parabens in all the products we use and how they affect our bodies....I'm all for trying safe alternatives.  And if they work, I'm even happier.

Did these work?  Yes, they did.  The cough quieted and not another peep was heard until it was time to roll out of bed this morning.

Ah, yes, midnight mommy moments...You never think you will miss them until you realize they are disappearing before your very eyes...

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