Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day and Warriors on Wheels

Last year the Warriors on Wheels came through Sinton, Texas and we learned about it nearly at the last minute.  Our church provided some food items for them to eat as they passed on through town.  This year, we played a bigger role in that our church was a sponsor, along with others, including HEB.  We opened up our church as the place for them to stop and eat.  

This meal followed the Veteran's Day Parade.  The timing was perfect as the cyclist arrived in town,just in time to ride through the main street with the parade and be honored by those of us who showed up.  

And what an honor it was to be in the presence of these humble men and women who fought for our country, so you and I could live with the freedoms we partake of on a daily basis.

I must extend kudos to OUR Ms. Margie who always does a grand job organizing and coordinating this type of event.  Thank you Margie for helping us to look good and present our very best to those who deserved the very best.

We had every bit of 50 men, women, and children present and sharing a meal on this day.  I believe at this point the cyclists had traveled 500 miles.  Or maybe when they finished in Corpus it would be 500 miles.  Either way....that's a LONG way to go on a bicycle.

They travel with a lot of vehicles and literally filled up the street in front of our church.  It was an incredible sight to see.

It didn't take much looking around to really soak in all that these men and women sacrificed, for us.  So many lose their lives every day fighting for this country.  This group of men and women did make it home.  But the fact that they are home, did not come without sacrifice.  They gave of themselves.  Literally.  With some the scars are visible.  With others, they are not.  But, suffice is to say that they are there.  I was incredibly humbled to walk among them and shake their hands.

I walked away from church on this day, praising God for what I do have.  My good health, my family, and let's face it, a whole body that I'm very grateful to have.  I owe them so much and giving them a meal just didn't feel like enough.  I told one of the ladies that and she said, "but it means a WHOLE lot to us."  Tearful moment as we both just nodded our heads.

I also realized that things in life tend to drag us down.  Circumstances, unexpected interruptions, illness, and even the trial of losing someone you love.  But seeing this group of men and women allowed me a few moments to feel and recognize that I truly am, sincerely, grateful for God and all that He has blessed me with.

So, we wish you well, this brave group of men and women, Warriors on Wheels.  Until next year....

God bless,
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Drama It Is!

Randy just loves drama.  Well, the theatrical sort.  Here is a costume he made for homecoming week at school.

Here he is playing William Shakespeare for the lead role in a play at school.  I paid an extra $10 for a table near the stage.  What I did not know, was that we were to be placed at the table that Randy was acting at.  It took me a few minutes to realize that my son, was actually William.  Now, when I look at him, I see it straight away.  But, that night, I did not notice.

In one of the scenes, William was in trouble and took refuge under the table.  I put my phone under there and snapped a picture of him.  :)

This is at the end where they all come forward to receive their applause.

I stole these last two pictures from his step-mom.  She posted them on facebook and I nabbed them because the night we went they did not have this available for pic's.

Here is Randy's costume for Halloween.  He sure loves messing with the war paint doesn't he?  I have to say, he's getting quite good.  Even if the mom in me isn't quite fond of creepy looking skeletons.... (I love you, Randy.)

I truly am proud of all of Randy's accomplishments in Theater.  :)

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun with Silly Glasses

Every body has to have some fun with silly glasses.....

Okay.  So, we weren't there shopping for silly glasses. We were shopping for birthday party stuff for Master Chevy's 1st birthday party.  We just had some fun along the way.

And on another day, the silly glasses saga continued....

This just goes to show we can and do have fun anywhere we go....Except maybe Chev.  He's not looking like this was much fun to him.

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Aquarium Day

I'll give you a warning from the get-go.  This post is very picture heavy.  Sissy wanted to go to the Texas State Aquarium and we had not been there in a long time.  So, it sorta felt like the first time, if that can even be possible.  And we certainly acted like it.  We spent FOUR hours there!  I've never been at the aquarium, WITH CALEB, for four hours.  We had a super great time!

Mr. Big, acting.....well, big.  Ha!

 Let's feed the sting-ray's.  

No matter how many times I see them, they never cease to impress me.  I love, love, love the turtles.  They are so majestic looking.

And Chev!  He waved bye-bye, or hi, every where we went that day!

I never give Caleb money for these things, but I did today.  He looked at the Lexington out there and I think he enjoyed it.

More waving!

I zoomed into these little guys.  They were actually out on the rocks on the bay and not even "in" the aquarium.  Sissy spotted them.

A new bird at the aquarium and the trainer said they were making his world just a little bit bigger.  So, we weren't allowed to get too close. 

More waving... :) <3 font="">

Lots and lots of fiddler crabs.... 

Every time the crowd clapped at the Wild Flight Show, Chev clapped right along with us.  

Sis was asked to be a part of the show.  :) 

More clapping. 

And birds teaching the importance of recycling. 

It wouldn't be a trip to the aquarium without putting our faces in the big bowl. 

Divers cleaning the tank. 

What fun!  Let's feel hurricane force winds! 

And this was the end of our day at the aquarium.  I did buy a new season pass, so we look forward to our next trip.  Since, we are studying animals this year as a part of our school, it's perfect.  Can't wait to incorporate the Amazon Rainforest Exhibit when we get to that section this year.

In Christ,
Momma Pam