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acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Get-a-Way for Mom

I had the greatest pleasure over the March 16-18th weekend to visit a friend in Ohio.  Sonya and I have been email buddies since 2004.  We met through another friend on-line and the three of us would talk to one another at least once a week.  Somewhere along the way our 3rd compadre slipped away into the busy-ness called life, but Sonya and I have hung onto our friendship.  In more recent years, we continued our at least weekly chats, but they increased in spurts to more than once a week.  Sometimes we'd get busy and would have to have a catch-up session.  

January 17th of this year, Sonya received some life-changing news.  Her husband, Kevin, was tragically killed in an automobile accident.  I wanted desperately to go to the funeral, but purchasing an affordable airline ticket at the spur of the moment wasn't possible.  After the funeral was over, I talked with Sonya on the phone and promised her I was coming to see her soon.  She told me that would be great as she would be needing visitors as time went on.

I checked with John's work schedule and what seemed to work for him was the weekend of March 17th.  I found myself a plane ticket and planned my trip.  Sonya was completely surprised that I had followed through as I think she never really thought we would get to meet one another in person.  

I arrived in Ohio on time Friday evening, well, actually, our plane arrived 20 minutes early.  But, because a couple of other planes were late arrivals, we had to sit out on the runway until there was a spot for us to unload.   Sonya was waiting to pick me up from the airport.  

We went to have some dinner at Red Lobster and followed that with a trip to the store for breakfast food.  In much the Pam-fashion, I slipped on a wet spot in the grocery and nearly ate-it big time...Praise God I caught myself and didn't have to spend the rest of my trip hobbling around.  After that Sonya showed me around a little bit, but it was already dark and we knew more site-seeing would have to take place on Saturday to really see anything.  We made our way to the home of her in-laws, which is where she is currently staying.  We had a late night visiting and catching up with one another.  She shared her heart, trying to let go of some of the sadness.

Saturday we were up and at 'em.  The plan was to spend the day in Amish Country.  I've never been before and it was definitely something I was excited to do.

Sugar Creek, Ohio

Sugar Creek, Ohio
Downtown, Sugar Creek, Ohio

Mural at the peak of a building in Sugar Creek, Ohio
Another mural with a moving train, Sugar Creek, Ohio
Had some great laughs over this picture.  As I went to sit down on the chair, I slid to the back of it as it's on a slant.  A little yelp came out and Sonya and I laughed so hard when we realized how ridiculous I looked slipping around.  
After sliding to the back and sitting with my feet barely hanging off, I decided I needed another picture sitting correctly on the chair.  
A very popular thing to do in this area is to stop for a link of trail bologna to eat with cheese and crackers.  Sonya bought us some and we snacked on it on Sunday.  It was very good!  I'm going to look into getting some via mail order as I think the guys in my house would enjoy it as much as I did! 
Berlin, Ohio - Amish Country
Berlin, Ohio - Amish Country - Farmer plowing his field 
Berlin, Ohio - Amish Country - Farmer plowing his field
It seemed only natural to take my picture on a normal sized red chair after laughing so hard on the big chair. 
Berlin, Ohio - Amish Country
A restaurant in Amish Country called Amish Door Village.  Food was absolutely delicious - see next photo.
Plain, down-home cooking.  Green beans, dressing, mashed tater's, ham, and BROASTED CHICKEN.  Oh, the chicken was SO good!!
Porch decorations at the Amish Door Restaurant - a black Amish buggy
Porch decorations at the Amish Door Restaurant - a white Amish buggy
Porch decorations at the Amish Door Restaurant - a red sleigh buggy
Even the Amish were patrons at the Amish Door restaurant.  Only no cars for them.  They parked their horse, buggies, and bikes outside in a separate parking area. 
Amish Country Farm
Amish Country Farm
This fella was landing his glider (or whatever it's called) right across the street from Sonya's home in Barberton, Ohio.  So cool! 

Front porch view in Barberton, Ohio
Front porch view in Barberton, Ohio
Front porch view in Barberton, Ohio
While sitting on her front porch early evening, Sonya and I saw these lighted objects about a 1/4 mile away.  It took us a few minutes to figure out what they were, but when they suddenly started rising  up into the air we realized they were floating lanterns.  We're uncertain why the neighbors were doing this, but it was such a beautiful sight and we enjoyed getting to witness it.

I took this picture for Caleb.  Everywhere you looked you could see geese, walking in parking lots and the grocery store or restaurants.  They are protected there and from what I understand the Ohio residents think of them as a great big nuisance.  Of course, the tourist in me thought it was pretty cool!  

This is Toby, Sonya's puppy.  The most adorable little dog I've ever been around.  She could do tricks and snuggle with the best of them.  She could give a "five," "double fives,"  "high fives," "settle," and "sit pretty."  So cute.  Half the time she snuggled with me, the other half she snuggled with Sonya.  She had to be fair after all.  ;)
And this is Sonya and I in front of the airport entrance.  Her sister-in-law, Kim, had to take us to the airport because Sonya's vehicle decided to have a tire losing air.  With a 40 minute drive one-way to the airport, I was worried about her trying to get me there - and then get herself home.  Kim to the rescue.  She picked us up and dropped me off. 

I had an incredible time.  Sonya was the sweetest person.  Just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  She is a sister in Christ and it is evident in all she says and does.  Her love for the Lord was contagious.  Her faith in Him was inspiring.  Her strength in all she's been through was so amazing.  I was there to visit her over the 2 month anniversary of Kevin's passing.  I was glad to be a distraction for her.  I do realize that difficult times still lie ahead and I hope to be a source of encouragement and positivity through it for her.  Our good-bye came with many tears.  Neither of us wanting to let go for that meant moving forward and getting back to reality.  

If you're still reading this, I would like to ask you to pray special blessings for Sonya.  Please continue to lift her up in prayer over the months ahead.  

God bless,
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

T-T-T-T T-Ball

T-BALL Practice #1
Instructions from Coach Danny

Throwing the ball back to his catching partner, Tucker

T-BALL Practice #2
Third baseman



Taking turns stopping the ball after a hit from the coach

More stopping the ball....

Can we say we're proud this week?  We can?  Great!  We're so proud!  This is the same little boy who said he did not want to play T-Ball from the first time we asked him several weeks ago.  So far so good.  He gets right in there, listens to the coaches and does his best.

More pictures to come as the season progresses...

Proud momma signing off,
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