Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Made to Crave - Week 1

Made to Crave?  What exactly is that?  Well, it's a bible study by Lysa Terkeurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  God put this bible study on my heart back in December or January.   At that time, I wasn't sure I was going to do it, but I prayed about it and it really seemed God wanted me to share this with the ladies in my world.

I will admit I was feeling completely overwhelmed at the time planning the finishing touches for my precious daughter's wedding,  so I bravely asked God if it was all right for me to wait until after February 12th, and graciously He whispered, "Yes."  Not a verbal whisper as I have yet to actually HEAR the voice of God, but it WAS a whisper that left a peacefulness upon my heart allowing me to feel that my request was acceptable.

Wedding done.

Bible study planning begins.  The blessings poured out for me when I discovered the immense interest in this bible study by the women that surround me.  A sufferer myself of repetitive weight gain, dieting, and failure over the years is what brought me to embrace this study for myself.  I was overwhelmed, yet so very encouraged to find so many ladies very interested in what Lysa T. had to write about.  Craving God more than Food?  What a concept! 

What a blessing it was to have 22 or 23 ladies express interest.  Yet choosing a day and time was the tricky part.  My heart wanted everyone to get to participate.  How could I ever disappoint nearly 1/2 of them, no matter what time/day I choose?  The thought popped into my head, "have two sessions."   I'm thinking, "What?  Seriously? God, was that you?  Or me?"  But after the immediate, knee-jerk reaction, a calmness was present.  This can be done.  Share it with as many people as you can!

Today was our first session.  My heart and mind are full of all the shared moments from the groups.  What an affirmation that I am not alone in this struggle.  Each person present was there for their own reasons, yet we are one in this struggle.  A struggle that brings with it hurt, pain, stress, worry, emotions....the list goes on.  

Today I had an overwhelming feeling, that without a doubt, I was absolutely obeying my God by leading this bible study.   How exciting is that!  The feelings of being in obedience are greater than no other.

Father God, as I step out on this journey with these women, I pray that needs are met and voids are filled.  I pray that Made to Crave can be that salve for our emotions that are at times so raw and undeniably pain-filled.  I pray lastly that we can all grasp onto the faith I know we have, use it to our advantage, and "match our faith with our healthy eating pursuits."  I pray this for all these women, and the one's who couldn't make it today, but will be there next week...In Jesus Name, Amen...

God bless,

The Perfect Day

Can you describe the perfect day?  I would guess, depending on the day, it would vary for each of us from day to day.  Today, I've had my perfect day.  Would you like to read about it?  I'd love to share!

It started with an earlier than normal rise this morning.  Not greatly, but a little earlier.  That's always a good feeling, not oversleeping or being lazy.  I commenced to work on a bit of laundry and then gathered my supplies for a new bible study I was starting today.  I'll have a post about that later.  Or, if I don't quite get through with this one, you might read it first.  Anyway, off to church Caleb and I go with great anticipation of who is going to be at the bible study.   There were nine of us I think.  A nice group.  Tons of blessings came from that gathering.

Caleb and I followed the ladies bible study with a lunch at Subway.  I chose the sandwich with the least calories!  Yeah for me!  Can't follow a bible study about craving God more than food with a nasty lunch.  Can't forget I had the apples instead of chips.  Way to go Me, {pat's self on the back.}   It was such a blessing to sit there with my little guy who was so full of conversation.  Additionally, he ate his lunch like a trooper.  Guess he was really hungry as he refused breakfast.

Time to go home.  What's on the list?  Feed the cows, do school for the day, water and fertilize the garden - - at a minimum.  Caleb likes to be in control so he decided that we would do school for the day first.  I'm good with that.  Even if it is because he wants it out of the way.  LOL

Awesome school day.  Initially?  Not so much, but a serious threat to have a good school day or NO golfing with dad later did the trick.  I saw improvement in Caleb's blending skills I had not yet seen.  I was very encouraged by that as I was starting to worry that it was me, the teacher failing.  No, he's getting it!  Yeah!!

Feed the cows.  Love doing that with Caleb.  He chatters the whole way and insists on carrying some hay - albeit a small armful, but I love it none-the-less.  Next we watered the garden.  Well, I said "we," but Caleb bailed on me and asked if he could go play some Wii.  Honestly, I was in such a good mood that I was fine with it.  I had 30 minutes of quiet, watering, fertilizing, and talking to God.  What could be better than that?

I've then spent some time writing some blogs - a couple for this one and one for my homeschool blog.  I didn't get around to the baking blog.  That will have to be for another perfect day.  ;o)

I had a cake on my to-do list for today, but just haven't gotten to that yet today.  A rather last minute order that I will get to.  I'm not even stressed.  Have a I said this has felt like the perfect day?  Oh, yes, I did.  How can I stress on such a day?

Later I will wrap up my day with the evening session of the women's bible study.  I can't wait to see what additional blessings come from that group.

This has been my perfect day.  I haven't had a day in such a long time that I felt I was doing everything the Lord had asked me to do.  What a peaceful feeling I have at this moment...

God bless each of you and I pray that your perfect day comes along soon!

Betwixed and Between

Short and sweet...

You never know what you'll find in between, underneath, or behind.  It's a mystery really.

Caleb and I were in my vehicle on our way home one day this week from somewhere.  Our typical custom is for Caleb to vacate his booster seat when we get to our street.  Just a simple treat for him when we are almost home from wherever we've been.  On this day, he climbed to the front seat - passenger side.  Next thing I know, he's upside-down, feet in the air and looking under the front seat.

That's a brave person to look under the front seat of any car I'VE been driving for any amount of time.  LOL  

This little voice says, "Hey, there's a french fry under here!"  I'm not shocked.  {head shake}   Really, I'm not.  My mind instantly wondered what else he might find under there.

Then he said, "Hey mom.  There's a medicine cup under here, too!"  Like he's found some grand treasure.  I asked, "Really? A medicine cup, huh?"

He then says, "Yeah, were you wondering where that went?"

It struck me as hilarious.  Did I wonder where that went?  Probably, for about five minutes after it disappeared and then I completely forgot about it.  Hmmmm, I wonder what else has disappeared from view that I've totally forgotten even existed...

Like I said, some things are a mystery and probably better if they stay that way!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just A-Swing'n

Milestones.  They sneak up on you when you least expect them.  For a couple of weeks now Caleb has been proudly displaying his newly acquired skill - pumping his own swing.  :o)    Today we took a few pictures.  I told him to let me know when he thought he was pumping his highest swing!  He is very excited about this new talent!

Additionally, he had to show me what Aaron, his brother-in-law, (ha ha, that sounds so funny!), showed him what to do.  That had to do with standing on the swing....Thanks Aaron...Oh, Caleb made it known to me that Aaron TOLD him what to do, but didn't SHOW him by standing on the swing himself!  ;o)

Here's a few pictures!  Enjoy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Moment of Grace

Okay, so....what did you think when you read the title of this post?  'Another Moment of Grace.'  It had to be a pretty good, God inspired moment, right?  Well, let me clue you in. And, my apologies if it disappoints.

I recently told you my parents joked about my middle name and how it should have been Grace, didn't I?  Um, yeah, well....had another moment of gracefulness in the world of Pam.  LOL   What was it my parents also said?  Hmmm, pondering.... recollecting....oh, yes...."Pam can walk down a bare hallway and come out covered in bruises."  Yes, that was me as a kid.  I was always tripping, scraping, and bumping into something.  Granted as I've gotten older it has gotten some what better.  But, this month has left me wondering what's going on.  Relapse maybe?  Two, not-so-fun-incidents, in two weeks....

Yesterday, I was, ahem, in the stall of our master bathroom.  We were leaving for evening church in a few minutes so I do admit to rushing a bit to get going.  I stood up, and somehow managed to raise my left arm, slamming the indent-dipple-thing of my elbow against the light switch - - while pulling up my britches.  (Uh, yeah...I sincerely apologize for that TMI vision.)   When you look at your light switches on the wall, how big are they?  Not very right?  What?  Maybe a half inch long piece of plastic sticking away from the wall, right?  Leave it to me to angle my elbow-dimple right into that bit of plastic.  Very hard plastic.

OUCH!  does not cover it.  Have you ever had that intense pain, where it hurts so much that the tears don't even come?  It was that kind of pain.  Probably hit a nerve, I'm guessing.  My arm literally hung by my side for what I know was seconds, possibly 60 of them.  It just hung there.  I couldn't move it at all!  I have to admit to feeling a bit scared for a few moments.  Then, finally, I could bend it.  However slowly.  I rubbed and rubbed the spot, a few tears came finally, but only a few.  I rubbed on that place on my arm, wishing away that intense pain.   The throb was horrible.  The shooting pains were awful.  I immediately took Advil thinking this wasn't good.  I held my arm to my side, cradling it.  :(    I've never had a broken arm, but right then I was wondering if it was broken.

All during our class at church it hurt.  I couldn't apply any pressure on it what-so-ever.  The kind of pressure, like when you fold a piece of paper and run your fingers along the crease - that kind of pressure hurt.  If I tried to raise my hand to tuck my hair behind my ear, it hurt.  I couldn't straighten my arm out either, or - yes - it hurt.  My range of motion was very limited.  I could lift light things, but nothing heavy at all.  My sweet hubby wrapped it in an bandage for me.  That was more as a reminder for me to be careful as even the slightest touch of the elbow against, well, anything hurt so much and caused me to flinch.

Today is Monday, the day after.  I was thinking it felt better.  I took the wrap off for a while, but decided I was entirely too clumsy and after banging it several times I had Caleb help me wrap it back up.  I read on-line about home treatments for elbow injuries and have taken Alieve and applied ice one time today.  Additionally, it says to baby it for 24-48 hours, then increase your usage and work on your range of motion.  If pain still exists, see your doctor.

I'm certain I didn't baby it enough.  We fed the cows, watered the garden, played with the dogs, pushed the cart at HEB, opened some mail....hmmmmm, as I think about all that - that doesn't sound like babying and maybe I've used it too much today.  Right now,  at 3 in the afternoon, the pain is a bit stronger and it's hurting even when I'm sitting still.  So, maybe more ice.  I know there is only a little swelling, which is good.  Or is that bad?  LOL

Anyway, I will keep you posted.  Just send prayers this way that I've only done a bang-up bruising and nothing more.   Here's to a better day tomorrow!

God blessings all around,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two Plus Three Make Five

Our homestead has a few new faces on it this week.  Be have a bull on loan, hoping to breed two heifers who have been around here for a year or more.  I'd have to look back to actually figure out when they came but it's long enough we've gone through our second winter with them.  Back to the bull.  He belongs to Johnny's brother, Harold.  We wrangled a couple of new heifers, twins matter of fact, and in that process received the bull on loan.

Here's the two "old" girls with their new buddy.  I have to say, those girls have never warmed up to us at all.  That bull's only been here a few days and I'm already able to rub the top of his head while he eats the feed.  Let's hope they are nicer to him than they are us and he can get his job accomplished while he's here.  ;o)

Aren't they just the cutest?  I think the red one is my favorite, but the white one lets me rub the top of her head.   ;o)  

So, there you go.  A peak at our new additions.  It's rather funny.  Our two "old" girls are rather quiet for the most part.  But, this younger bunch?  Not so much.  When morning comes they are calling out and demanding breakfast.  

Until next time I leave you with what I hear every morning, "MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOO."

God bless,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Want Spaghetti!

My son has to be the pickiest eater ever created by God. Of course, let me make it clear. God created my son, not his pickiness.  With that said, out of all the kids I've raised thus far, or had a part of raising, Caleb gets the trophy for being the pickiest!

One of my biggest challenges as a mom is getting nutritious food in him. Vegetables? They are a dirty word. About all he's ever eaten is corn, and minimally at that. Recently, I vowed {to myself only as I really didn't have enough confidence to be bragging about it,} to make a change.  I began with the illustrious green bean.  Daddy eats them, so I was safe in forcing this one on the kid.  Ha ha!  He had to eat 3 bites before his meal was over. I might as well have whipped him for an hour and a half for all the misery we went through that evening. Oh, carrots. Sweet friends of mine made him eat carrots at their house once. They only had minimal success as well.

So I must admit that the challenge itself has defeated me more often than not. It's easier not to fight the fight. Even though veggies are a dirty word, fruit is not such a bad one around the Parker house.  Caleb will eat grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and apples.  He used to love banana's, but they lost their luster some where along the way.  

The main part of his meals are chicken tenders, nuggets, hamburger, pizza, and sandwiches, popcorn shrimp; and more recently fish has been added to the list. He's eaten roast and spaghetti a couple of times. Chopped up pork chops and chicken breast, are sometimes doable. He DOES NOT like macaroni and cheese. What kid doesn't like macaroni and cheese? {hand raised and waving --over here} - Mine, mine!

So, a couple days ago when my precious eater asked for spaghetti I thought he was sick. Oh, wait, he WAS sick. Ha, ha. All kidding aside, he wanted spaghetti. I was too sick to make spaghetti, but promised him at our next trip to the grocery we'd buy what we needed to make spaghetti.

I'm not sure I was feeling better "enough" today to want to make spaghetti, but again he was begging for it and I realized that my picky eater wanted something that was relatively good for him.  Once needed groceries were bought, he nearly couldn't stand it having to wait until time to MAKE the spaghetti. I thought he was going to drive me crazy.  I'm not kidding.  Lock me up and throw away the key already so I don't have to hear, "is it 2 o'clock, YET?" one more time.  At 10 am I told him we'd make it at 2 o'clock, just to try to get a break.  LOL

FINALLY - let's make some "sketti":

Opening the tomato sauce...

Grinning for mom - definitely excited we're making spaghetti...

Adding tomato paste to the pot.  We're a little nervous
about the heat from the burner so we kept quite a distance...

Giving mom a cheeky grin...

The final result.  A delicious plate of homemade spaghetti.

Giving it a taste...

Not only did he eat it all, but asked for seconds. What did we accomplish? He ate a veggie. Yep, the vegetable with the name - tomato. Does he know it? No. Did he like it? Yes. 

ppsst...I'll let you all in on a little secret. I was chopping onions to brown with the meat and he asked what it was. Without a moments hesitation I told him seasoning. I knew if I even said the word onion in that moment all would be ruined.  He wouldn't eat the spaghetti today nor for the next five years.  What he doesn't know wont hurt him, and that's all I've got to say about that.

What does this give me? Hope. That's what I have now is hope. Hope that as he gets older he will continue to be more willing to try new things.

For now, happy eating!

Hugs and blessings,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a Wedding Shower

Okay, I promised that I would get around to this.  It's taken me a while to figure out the new computer set-up, but we've finally gotten there. 

As I said before, my daughter made the most beautiful bride to be and I think you'll agree after looking at these pictures taken on the day of her wedding shower.  She was positively glowing!!
The Bride
The Bride with the Moms
Mother and Daughter
The delicious cake (and no I did not 
make this one - thank goodness.)

Can I say it again?  Isn't she glowing?

Allie with her mom and grandmother's Ava & Dianne.

I hate to even say it, but this shower game was, well,
ahem, FUN!   We divided into groups of 4 and dressed
one person from in our group with toilet paper making the
best wedding dress and accessories we could. Like I said, Fun!

As you can see, some took the instructions very seriously
and accessorized complete with garter!  Grandma Dianne!!!

Pretty presents!

And decorations!

And more decorations!

I hate that it took me so long to get to this post.  Especially since the bride and her new hubby have already been married a full month!!  And yes, there are wedding pictures.  But, I have strict instructions not to share those until she is absolutely ready!!  So, sit tight and wait s patiently as you did for these.  They'll be coming!!  I promise!

Allie and all her hostesses (left to right):  Margie, McKenzie, Debbie, Tara,
Lynn, Natalie, Darline, Sheila, Nicole, Robin, Ms. Rita, & Lucy.

Hugs to all these ladies who made this day special for Allie!

God bless,

Thoughts As You Fall

It wasn't much more than a week ago that I found myself on the ground in between my vehicle and the gas pump.  Yes.  Me.  Middle-name-should-have-been-Grace, on the ground, holding back tears and trying to decipher if my injuries were minimal or major.  I looked around quickly wondering who saw me make my not-so-graceful landing.  You know that moment of embarrassment?  You've been there, right?

Then, immediately I felt a bit saddened that not one person ran to my rescue.  My son, Randy, was sitting in the front seat, which was pretty far forward from the gas pump and out of view of what had happened to me.  He didn't know about it until I pulled myself up and into the front seat, whining about how sore I was already in those few minutes immediately after "the event."

I consider myself very lucky.  Other than a sore back for two days and a sore right knee with a raspberry and bruise, I suffered little.  A lot could have happened to me in that moment when I was falling in slow-motion to the ground.  Any number of bones could have broken, abrasion's could have taken place.  But, none of the above happened to me.

I've pondered a lot on the scenario and the fact that I sat there on the ground without a rescuer, or even the hint of one person who cared.  Then it hit me.  God cared.  And I believe with every ounce of my breath that He had wrapped His arms around my body as I fell and set me as gently onto the ground as only He could.  Even my right hand {that had taken nearly all the brunt of my fall} and had scraped against the concrete in the fall, causing it to burn for two hours after, didn't even have a mark on it the next day.  How could this be?

After the fall, I was looking around me for some hero or heroine to come in and at least act like they cared.   In that process I overlooked the very One who WAS there and cared deeply.   It's so easy to overlook our Lord.  To forget His presence. To be searching for something or someone else to fill the needs, desires, voids we have in various moments of our lives.  Some of those moments are when we are falling, either physically or spiritually, but if we are honest, most are pretty random.  They like to sneak up on us, too, attacking when we least expect it.

As I think about my fall, I want it to always be a reminder to remember my Lord and Savior as the One I can always turn to, the One that is always there for me and loves me - - no matter what.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.  For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.  2 Corinthians 1:3-5 

And while I go forward with this vow, to remind myself daily that He is there for me in the good and the bad, I also vow to keep my eyes open to those around me and be aware of the moments that others are in  need.  To be the hand that opens the door, carries a bag, or quite possibly the very hand that helps someone after they have fallen...

In His Precious Name,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mine Are Big!

I find myself nearly one month away from my last blog post.  Why is that you ask?  I've personally been dealing with some "THINGS" in my life that have taken up most of my thoughts and time as I have tried to dive into my prayers journals, seeking guidance and direction from the Big Man in charge of my life.  You would think that I would be a fountain of revelations as this point with TONS of stuff to share.  Honestly, I do have a couple of things bouncing around in my head, but they are not quite ready for paper, electronic or otherwise.

Not forgetting that the fact that posting on a blog is sometimes hard.  What should one say?  What is really blog worthy?  Will others find this as funny as I do?  It's a risk really.  Just step out there and see what happens.  Is it all really about being funny?  No, but sharing something one has learned or something that is inspiring is often the goal.

Well, I have a cute moment I've contemplated sharing for a couple of days, but will others think it's as cute as I do?  It isn't a learned experience, nor is it inspirational.  This one is something I just find funny.  Will you?  Not sure.  The topic itself is a bit awkward....Hmmmm....well, let's just see.

I woke up last Thursday not feeling very well - knot in my throat with a slight earache.  Decided to call the doctor since the weekend was fast approaching.  Snagged an appointment for 9 a.m. Friday morning.  Woke up Friday with an extremely sore throat, coughing, congestion, drainage, and know the drill.  Right?  I'm off to the doctor first thing in the morning feeling very grateful I had called for an appointment.

Since I was already going to the doctor, why not get the most out of the visit, right?  If you have to toss out $65+ dollars, get what you can out of the situation.  I have some complicated female issues revolving around my cycles.  Okay - told you it was awkward - I promise, nothing specific will be shared, no embarrassing words will be used, but you have to know what the subject was in order to see the funny in it.

I'm sharing with my Dr., Ms. Rachel.  "I'm frustrated with my cycles.  Could I be peri-menopausal, blah, blah, another question? blah, blah, another description.   They are ridiculously long and {my hands go out in front of me displaying LONG}, and obnoxious...."

Only to be interrupted by a little voice in the corner of the room, that we both thought was deep in a game on my cell phone says, "Mine are BIG!"   The doctor's eyes look up to mine and we both hold back a giggle...

Isn't that just typical of a little boy to want to be bigger and better, no matter WHAT it is?  One day it will be fun to share this story and I'm sure he'll have very red cheeks in the process.

God bless,

When the Cats Away....

The mice will play.

Johnny had to go to Austin for a couple of days a while back. When daddy is gone, time moves pretty slow for Caleb. I normally get asked, too many times to count, how many "sleeps" we'll have before dad gets home. When I can find things to do to help fill the time it makes things easier. This time I scheduled a shopping trip with Sissy. With only a few short weeks before the wedding (okay, so that's telling you how long these thoughts have been pending), there is always something that needs scratching off the to-do list. Today we needed programs for the wedding ceremony and we needed to attempt to buy attendants gifts.

We had some funny moments and some emotional one's during our few hours together.  It's never as significant in the retelling, but here....let me try.

First, we picked up Sissy and then made a quick run through Mardel's, which happened to be rather uneventful.  At Caleb's encouragement we decided to get something to eat. Our first choice, Santiago's, was closed so we made our way to Applebee's to have our favorite Spinach and Bacon Vingarette salad. Yum! Caleb wasn't lying, he was truly hungry. He gobbled up his chicken in a flash. He saw the picture of the strawberry cheesecake shooter and had to have one. Allie ordered the chocolate one. I decided to wait and see it there were any leftovers.

I watched my little guy take small tastes of the cool whip on the very end of his spoon. He was thoroughly enjoying every bite. I just had to snap a picture. He was so engrossed in dessert that he didnt notice at first.

But he wiggled. 

And wiggled again.

Then Sissy popped into the picture and as I snapped a pic, Caleb SNEEZED...His 
head did a speedy dip, straight down.  We had the best laugh over Allie smiling 
pretty and Caleb's face being all blurry.

We did finally end up with a good one.

One thing though....It remained to be seen if a bite of cheesecake would make it past his pallet. As I suspected. It would not. He slid the little glass over to me and I was able to enjoy a taste after all.

Our journey then took us to Toys R Us looking for special flower girl gifts. We didn't get what we went in for, but found something even more precious. Caleb tried his best to "just look" at the toys. No begging or anything on this night. He was great and even offered assistance as we went up and down the "girlie" aisles.  Once he jumped up and said, "Mom, look!  That Barbie is wearing a 'zucchini'!"  ;o)  Precious, many little 5 yr old boys know that a two-piece bathing suit is called a bikini?  Not mine obviously.  Ha!

Departure to Wal-Mart. Not much success there. They appeared to not have restocked since about bare shelves.  Not even one small trash can appropriate for Caleb's room.  He was sorely disappointed that it would have to wait until we were at another store.

Time to go home. So we went to take Sissy home. Caleb wanted to play at her house, but it was already late. So, to soften the blow, Sissy brought her baby, Eli, out for a quick hello. We both snuggled with him and then started the process of saying good-bye. Much to our dismay, Caleb turned teary-eyed. So another snuggle with Eli and then some silly remarks to bring out a smile. Lastly, Allie told Caleb to talk to momma on the way home since she was "tired."  It's always good for Caleb to have a task.

He took that job very seriously. We had a good talk, but the best part was this:

C: I'm sorry Zach got hurt. (for those that don't know, my nephew broke his leg in training and will not deploy to Afghanistan with his company in February as planned.)
Mom: me, too.
C: I think we should pray for him soon.
Mom: that's a good plan Caleb.
C: shouldn't God save him?
Mom:  What do you mean?
C:  So he wouldn't get a broken leg?
Mom: well, Caleb. Maybe Zach's leg was broke because God protected him from getting hurt worse somewhere else.
C: like where?
Mom: well, maybe his head.
C: I bet God held his head all the way down and thats why his leg was broke.
Mom: yes, Caleb, that could very well be.

Out of the mouth of babes....

God doesn't just hold our heads, He holds all of us, in the palm of His hands.  How comforting is it really to know He is in control.  We have to remember to glorify Him in everything.  There is a reason for Zach's broken leg.  We may never know what it is, or maybe it will become clear one day.

In His Name,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Modesty is Definitely a Work in Progress

A sweet friend of mine, T., invited Caleb and I out for lunch the other day.  Living with a couple of guys these days, it was nice to receive an invite for a bit of girl time.  Honestly, it was one of the high-lights of my week.  Thanks T. for a fun time!

We met at the Kim Son Chinese Food Restaurant in Sinton.  It's relatively new and a nice treat to get once in a while.  Our low-carb lifestyle does not lend itself to an abundance of Chinese food, so like I said, it's nice for an occasional treat.

You know us girls, lots of conversation, revolving around lots of topics.  Watching T.'s little one be a sweet little girl was positively delightful.  And Caleb added his own personality to the lunch for sure.  I decided to share with T. a picture from my daughter's wedding of Caleb and his best friend Ella.  I have it on my cell phone as the wall paper because I LOVE the picture so much.  T. tells Caleb that it is such a good picture.  Without the least bit of modestly, he angles his hands out in front of him, sort of backwards pointing at himself and says, "because I'm so handsome?"

We both nearly died laughing.

Like I said, modesty is definitely a work in progress.  In our house?  We'd better get at it hard core!!

God bless,