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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time for a Facelift!

No.  Not me.  No face lifts for this girl!   But, we only have 3 bedrooms in our home and as a result, Caleb sort of got lost when room assignments were given out.  When he was a baby it wasn't a big deal.  He stayed in his crib in our room.  That was easier for us when we got up with him at night.  He was always an "in my own bed" sleeper until he was about  1 1/2  - 2 years old.  Around that time he started sleeping in our bed with us.  I've "been there, done that" with two of my other children and insisted I would not find myself in this position again.  Well, much to my dismay, here we are.   I'm not proud of it, but it is what it is.  There's no getting around the truth and I take great satisfaction in knowing that there are many others out there just like us.  Honestly, that helps keep me from feeling embarrassed around the rest of you who have never found yourself in this position. 

For various reasons, it wasn't possible to put Caleb in a room with Sissy, or with Randy.  The age differences or I didn't want them to be disturbed when they had to go to school the next day by his waking up crying at night, etc, etc....There are an assortment of reasons and none really worth getting into.  Most recently though, Sissy moved out and it became quite obvious that our bedroom situation finally had a solution.

Busy schedules have kept us from making progress on this project before now, but Johnny took a week off from work and first on the list was painting Caleb's room.  We wanted to get it just right for him.  Maybe if we did, he would actually WANT to sleep in there and the transition wouldn't be as complicated as we figured it was going to be. 

I always enjoy working on these types of projects with Johnny.  He and I get in sync and things get done.  This was not an easy undertaking even though we both hoped it would go more quickly than it did.   We were basically starting with a green room.  Yes.  Bright, lime green.  Sissy's favorite color.  So that had to go.  What little boy would enjoy himself in a lime green bedroom after all?

All kids love the notion of painting.  Why is that so intriguing? To dip a brush or roller into a can and smear the color on the wall.  To most adults, it's a chore that we have to get through.  To kids, it's a fun thing that brings much anticipation for the first brush stroke to take place.  What they don't understand is all the preparation that has to be done first.  Taping around the windows and all the trim, oh my.  Not fun, but necessary.  So much has to be done before you can even brush on the first stroke of paint.

Caleb was no exception.  He waited as patiently as possible to be able to help paint.  Only asking, oh, maybe a hundred times if he could paint yet.  The moment was approaching, but we weren't QUITE ready for him to attack the wall.  We asked him to wait, just a bit more.  We were almost ready afterall....

In a child's way of thinking and completely innocent of having ever heard or used an old saying most of us are quite familiar with, he lays sprawled out on the floor, the appearance of total dejection and says, "I guess I'll just lay here and watch the paint dry," followed by a HUGE sigh...

I myself was completely focused on the section of wall in front of me and had to hear the repeat, but it was in no way any less funny.  Johnny and I could not resist a chuckle....We did our best to hustle and get a small paint roller in his hand.  He was quite pleased and of course only lasted about ten minutes before he was tired and needed a break...

Hee hee....All that anticipation and excitement and it didn't take the little guy very long at all to realize all that "fun" we were having without him was really WORK. 

Here are a few photo's of the progression of his room.  We're not done, of course.  We still have to bring Lightening McQueen into the room.  For now Caleb's says, "it looks pretty awesome."

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