Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time Away - Day One

Vacation's are always fun.  Especially mini-vacations.  At least I've never had one I didn't enjoy.  A couple of days to get away and soak up some different surroundings???  Who couldn't use that every once in a while?  Most of us get pretty comfortable in our own little worlds for the most part, so mixing it up is always good!  Let's look for some unexpected blessings, or should I say, let's expect some awesome blessings!!

First stop is the Holiday Inn Express in San Antonio.  Unloading the car, my sweet hubby realizes he inadvertently left ALL his hanging clothes at home.  Yes...all!  I'd actually made a joke on the way to S.A. that I was repeatedly distracted while packing and nearly forgot to pack things like socks and underclothes.  Little did we know that Johnny DID have all those things, but in addition to that had only the shirt and pants he was wearing.  A mall right down the road proved quite beneficial in our moment of discovery.  Men's Warehouse made it so easy.  They keep records of previous purchases.  We walked in, he tried on a pair of pants for church, and we walked out 30 minutes later WITH the pants in-hand, hemmed and ready for wear the next day.  Is that service or what??!!

Second item on the agenda - - - Spurs basketball game.  A company that John had done some business with offered him some tickets as a thank you.  We were in the 13th row!  $300+ tickets for FREE!!!  I had never been to a pro-basket ball game before.  Here's the tip-off at the beginning of the game:

It was a whole lot more fun than I anticipated it was going to be (for me anyway!).  I was on the edge of my seat, so excited and stalked the scoreboard for the entire game.

I was additionally amazed at all the PR activities taking place during the time-outs.  Tons of entertainment, in addition to a basketball game.  Like these adorable young ladies in their beautiful, flowing costumes....what a delightful performance!

Something I never thought I would say, I actually LIKED basketball.   LOL   Johnny took a picture of Caleb and I on his phone.  I'm always behind the camera, rarely in front of it.  So, a conscious effort had to be made if I wanted to prove I was even there!!  Hee hee!

Then I took one of them!  Take a look at what Caleb has in his hand.....hard to see?  Yes, I guess it is.  Well, I'll tell you what it is.  It's a bag of cotton candy.  Blue in fact.  He saw someone walking around with some and HAD to have some.  So, we waited and waited for the guy selling it to make his way to us.  Took forever, but finally Johnny was able to get him some.  He was so excited, but he took one or two bites, made a funny face and set the bag in the chair next to him.  Unbelievable...what kid doesn't like cotton candy and want to devour the entire bag.  Well, let's see.  That would be mine!  LOL

What makes a basketball game fun?  Quite possibly watching points being made right in front of you!  A free throw shot for the Spurs and SCORE!

What makes a basket ball game even better??  Well, that would have to be when the team you are cheering for WINS.

Other than the fact the Spurs won 111-10 against the Utah Jazz, and there was lots of fun entertainment, my favorite part of the evening????  Well, that would be winning a Spurs T-Shirt that was tossed into the crowd.

It was quite funny how it unfolded itself and fell straight into the hand I had outstretched over my head!!!  The good Lord knew that Johnny forgot his clothes at home and in a way only He can do, he provided by dropping a shirt into my hands....perfect size for Johnny.  Hee, hee, hee...

The game ended at a reasonable time, traffic was ushered out of the parking lot in an organized fashion and before we knew it we were back at our hotel.  Caleb and I spent 15 minutes marching around the hotel room as I was short 1500 steps on my pedometer and needed them to meet my daily goal.  We giggled and laughed the entire time!

All three of us are completely exhausted.....and dream land is calling our names.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

In His Name,

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