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acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Round of Golf

Well, Mini-Golf that is!  Caleb has been anxious for a "Caleb-N-Sissy" day.  She invited him to play putt-putt golf with her.  When she learned Randy was out of school for intercession this week, she invited he and I to go along also.  Okay, so that was NOT what Caleb had in mind and he insisted that I just drop them off at Sissy's and leave.  Didn't do much for MY self-esteem, but he is only 5 so I didn't take it too much to heart.

Upon arriving, we learned Aaron had the car and Sissy couldn't drive them anywhere anyway.  They were stuck with me.  So, he adjusted his thinking and decided to let me play, too.

Sadly, I don't get too many opportunities to blog about Randy, so this set me up with the perfect chance to do just that!

Here are the three stooges at the first hole!  Thought I'd nab a photo before they looked weathered and worn out from the heat of the day.  {I efficiently escaped a photo today! }

Here's our little golfer in the making after hitting his ball into the hole!  This stinker managed a 'hole-in-one.'  I don't believe it was on this hole as that would have been extremely lucky of me to catch a picture of the hole-in-one in the making.  LOL   But, he had witnesses, we saw it!  It came complete with a fist-pump!

A quick pose!

Yes, this is an official hole where we had to putt our ball DOWN the stairs!!  Talk about randomness.  No skill involved in this one, at least until you get to the bottom.

Mark the calendar - - I realized on this very day that Randy is officially taller than I am.  Sigh....I knew the day would come and here it is.

This was really a fun day.  We played the "Challenge Course" so that we could go up and down the "mountain."  Not one of us played a really decent game.  Our balls were going everywhere, wouldn't stay put, which left us laughing at each other over and over again.  When something good did happen, we cheered each other on!

One for the memory books...

My cup run-eth over...

God bless,


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