Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Moment of Grace

Okay, so....what did you think when you read the title of this post?  'Another Moment of Grace.'  It had to be a pretty good, God inspired moment, right?  Well, let me clue you in. And, my apologies if it disappoints.

I recently told you my parents joked about my middle name and how it should have been Grace, didn't I?  Um, yeah, well....had another moment of gracefulness in the world of Pam.  LOL   What was it my parents also said?  Hmmm, pondering.... recollecting....oh, yes...."Pam can walk down a bare hallway and come out covered in bruises."  Yes, that was me as a kid.  I was always tripping, scraping, and bumping into something.  Granted as I've gotten older it has gotten some what better.  But, this month has left me wondering what's going on.  Relapse maybe?  Two, not-so-fun-incidents, in two weeks....

Yesterday, I was, ahem, in the stall of our master bathroom.  We were leaving for evening church in a few minutes so I do admit to rushing a bit to get going.  I stood up, and somehow managed to raise my left arm, slamming the indent-dipple-thing of my elbow against the light switch - - while pulling up my britches.  (Uh, yeah...I sincerely apologize for that TMI vision.)   When you look at your light switches on the wall, how big are they?  Not very right?  What?  Maybe a half inch long piece of plastic sticking away from the wall, right?  Leave it to me to angle my elbow-dimple right into that bit of plastic.  Very hard plastic.

OUCH!  does not cover it.  Have you ever had that intense pain, where it hurts so much that the tears don't even come?  It was that kind of pain.  Probably hit a nerve, I'm guessing.  My arm literally hung by my side for what I know was seconds, possibly 60 of them.  It just hung there.  I couldn't move it at all!  I have to admit to feeling a bit scared for a few moments.  Then, finally, I could bend it.  However slowly.  I rubbed and rubbed the spot, a few tears came finally, but only a few.  I rubbed on that place on my arm, wishing away that intense pain.   The throb was horrible.  The shooting pains were awful.  I immediately took Advil thinking this wasn't good.  I held my arm to my side, cradling it.  :(    I've never had a broken arm, but right then I was wondering if it was broken.

All during our class at church it hurt.  I couldn't apply any pressure on it what-so-ever.  The kind of pressure, like when you fold a piece of paper and run your fingers along the crease - that kind of pressure hurt.  If I tried to raise my hand to tuck my hair behind my ear, it hurt.  I couldn't straighten my arm out either, or - yes - it hurt.  My range of motion was very limited.  I could lift light things, but nothing heavy at all.  My sweet hubby wrapped it in an bandage for me.  That was more as a reminder for me to be careful as even the slightest touch of the elbow against, well, anything hurt so much and caused me to flinch.

Today is Monday, the day after.  I was thinking it felt better.  I took the wrap off for a while, but decided I was entirely too clumsy and after banging it several times I had Caleb help me wrap it back up.  I read on-line about home treatments for elbow injuries and have taken Alieve and applied ice one time today.  Additionally, it says to baby it for 24-48 hours, then increase your usage and work on your range of motion.  If pain still exists, see your doctor.

I'm certain I didn't baby it enough.  We fed the cows, watered the garden, played with the dogs, pushed the cart at HEB, opened some mail....hmmmmm, as I think about all that - that doesn't sound like babying and maybe I've used it too much today.  Right now,  at 3 in the afternoon, the pain is a bit stronger and it's hurting even when I'm sitting still.  So, maybe more ice.  I know there is only a little swelling, which is good.  Or is that bad?  LOL

Anyway, I will keep you posted.  Just send prayers this way that I've only done a bang-up bruising and nothing more.   Here's to a better day tomorrow!

God blessings all around,

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