Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, March 14, 2011

When the Cats Away....

The mice will play.

Johnny had to go to Austin for a couple of days a while back. When daddy is gone, time moves pretty slow for Caleb. I normally get asked, too many times to count, how many "sleeps" we'll have before dad gets home. When I can find things to do to help fill the time it makes things easier. This time I scheduled a shopping trip with Sissy. With only a few short weeks before the wedding (okay, so that's telling you how long these thoughts have been pending), there is always something that needs scratching off the to-do list. Today we needed programs for the wedding ceremony and we needed to attempt to buy attendants gifts.

We had some funny moments and some emotional one's during our few hours together.  It's never as significant in the retelling, but here....let me try.

First, we picked up Sissy and then made a quick run through Mardel's, which happened to be rather uneventful.  At Caleb's encouragement we decided to get something to eat. Our first choice, Santiago's, was closed so we made our way to Applebee's to have our favorite Spinach and Bacon Vingarette salad. Yum! Caleb wasn't lying, he was truly hungry. He gobbled up his chicken in a flash. He saw the picture of the strawberry cheesecake shooter and had to have one. Allie ordered the chocolate one. I decided to wait and see it there were any leftovers.

I watched my little guy take small tastes of the cool whip on the very end of his spoon. He was thoroughly enjoying every bite. I just had to snap a picture. He was so engrossed in dessert that he didnt notice at first.

But he wiggled. 

And wiggled again.

Then Sissy popped into the picture and as I snapped a pic, Caleb SNEEZED...His 
head did a speedy dip, straight down.  We had the best laugh over Allie smiling 
pretty and Caleb's face being all blurry.

We did finally end up with a good one.

One thing though....It remained to be seen if a bite of cheesecake would make it past his pallet. As I suspected. It would not. He slid the little glass over to me and I was able to enjoy a taste after all.

Our journey then took us to Toys R Us looking for special flower girl gifts. We didn't get what we went in for, but found something even more precious. Caleb tried his best to "just look" at the toys. No begging or anything on this night. He was great and even offered assistance as we went up and down the "girlie" aisles.  Once he jumped up and said, "Mom, look!  That Barbie is wearing a 'zucchini'!"  ;o)  Precious, many little 5 yr old boys know that a two-piece bathing suit is called a bikini?  Not mine obviously.  Ha!

Departure to Wal-Mart. Not much success there. They appeared to not have restocked since about bare shelves.  Not even one small trash can appropriate for Caleb's room.  He was sorely disappointed that it would have to wait until we were at another store.

Time to go home. So we went to take Sissy home. Caleb wanted to play at her house, but it was already late. So, to soften the blow, Sissy brought her baby, Eli, out for a quick hello. We both snuggled with him and then started the process of saying good-bye. Much to our dismay, Caleb turned teary-eyed. So another snuggle with Eli and then some silly remarks to bring out a smile. Lastly, Allie told Caleb to talk to momma on the way home since she was "tired."  It's always good for Caleb to have a task.

He took that job very seriously. We had a good talk, but the best part was this:

C: I'm sorry Zach got hurt. (for those that don't know, my nephew broke his leg in training and will not deploy to Afghanistan with his company in February as planned.)
Mom: me, too.
C: I think we should pray for him soon.
Mom: that's a good plan Caleb.
C: shouldn't God save him?
Mom:  What do you mean?
C:  So he wouldn't get a broken leg?
Mom: well, Caleb. Maybe Zach's leg was broke because God protected him from getting hurt worse somewhere else.
C: like where?
Mom: well, maybe his head.
C: I bet God held his head all the way down and thats why his leg was broke.
Mom: yes, Caleb, that could very well be.

Out of the mouth of babes....

God doesn't just hold our heads, He holds all of us, in the palm of His hands.  How comforting is it really to know He is in control.  We have to remember to glorify Him in everything.  There is a reason for Zach's broken leg.  We may never know what it is, or maybe it will become clear one day.

In His Name,

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