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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End

T-Ball Season has come to a close.  Well, except for closing ceremonies on June 15th.  I'll try to snag some pictures if the opportunity presents itself.  But, for now, here are some photos from the end of season Yankees Team Party.
Every team party has to come complete with a cake to celebrate......and.....

 A jump house!  With water no less!  Here the kids are anxiously waiting for it to be filled with air and water so they can begin to have fun.

 I love these two pictures of Caleb.  I was able to zoom in with my camera to catch them.  There is something truly genuine about his smile and the joy he is feeling.  When he poses for me, he smiles most of the time.  But, to capture a great time on film without his knowledge is cool.

At a quick look, you would think Caleb is not in this picture.  But, I assure you he is.  He is under the feet of those climbing up the stairs.  When coach said, "get in!"  Boy did they!  All the kids piled in and were literally trampling each other to get to the top of the bounce house and slide down in the water.  I was about to run to Caleb and pull him out from under the wrath of little feet when his head popped up and I knew he was okay.  Whew!

He had a blast!


and over.....

and over.....


The end of t-ball is really bitter sweet.  Caleb developed a camaraderie with his team mates and that was fun to watch.  In particular, he really like to hang out and toss the ball with Jaime.  Jaime's mom and I traded phone numbers in hopes that we can get them together to hang out some time this summer.  

Until closing ceremonies,


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