Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a Birthday!

Birthdays.  We all have them.  We like to try to make the birthday person feel special and recognize them on their important day.  Even if it's something as simple as a quick Facebook Happy Birthday Message, which I received way more of than I can remember right now.  This year was a fun birthday. I don't expect people to go over-board and fuss for me.  Johnny - I'm not talking about you.  Hee hee....

My early birthday present this year was something I asked for - a Keurig.  Now, I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love tea. Fresh iced tea.  When I make a pitcher of it for myself, it often starts going bad before I can drink it all.  I like hot chocolate and sometimes I even like hot tea, depending on what's happening, but especially in winter time when it's cool outside.  So far, I love my Keurig.  It will also be nice to offer others fresh coffee when they come out to the house.

My 46th birthday was filled with lots of surprises.

A dozen red roses from Johnny and Caleb and two of the sweetest birthday cards I think I've ever received.  Okay, that might be a stretch because, {blush} I'm a card saver and I love to receive cards and all cards I receive a special to me.  But, I will admit, that the wording in these cards just seemed, well, absolutely perfect.

The next surprise wasn't something I could photograph.  Johnny surprised me by taking MY birthday off of work!!   Yeah!  I was so tickled.  It was so nice to spend the day with Johnny and Caleb and not have a specific agenda.  Johnny made me a scrambled eggs with sausage & gravy breakfast.  He and Caleb did a little fussing outside and then we had to decide what to do.  We debated and debated, but decided to take Caleb to see Avengers.  Okay, I know it was my birthday, and that was probably not what I would have picked to see, but when you have an almost 7 yr old on your hands, romantic comedies and the like just don't make the cut.  

So, yes.  I am one of those parents who took my almost 7 yr old to see Avengers.  Honestly, had I see it first, I probably would not have let him watch this movie.  It's too late now though.  He's seen it.  He was nervous {scared} in a few places {mostly towards the beginning}, but he really enjoyed the super heros, the funny lines and the good guys beating the bad guys.  Do I wish he'd been a little older?  Yes, probably so.  Will I think twice about other super hero movies, like the new Spiderman movie coming out?  Yes, I will and I'm almost certain he won't be seeing that one any time soon.  But, Capt'n America is his absolute favorite super hero and I am grateful he's not had any nightmares, so I think we survived this round unscathed.  

Saturday we had a family gathering at the Parker Ranch and most of the family was able to come out.  My niece, Melanie, had to work and my DIL, Morgan, took the kiddos with her to Houston to visit her family, but the rest of the crew were able to come.  We even had a couple of guests the Autry's from Rick & Steph's church.   We had hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill (thank you Johnny), buns for our burgers and hotdogs (thank you Pastor & Diane), hotdogs and cheeses (thank you Allie & Aaron), a salad and pico (thank you Dusty), 7 layer Mexican dip, chips, and birthday desserts (thank you mom), and a tasty watermelon (thank you Rick & Steph).

Here are more of my sweet gifts:

This adorable cross from Allie and Aaron.  I love it and it matches my "decor" so well.  

This was a "Bless this Home" plaque, in case you can't read the wording, that Dusty and his family gave me.  This one is quite special because my DIL was out of town and Dusty went shopping on his own.  I know he relies on her to take care of these types of things and her gifts are always sweet and thoughtful, but I rather like the notion that this time my son went shopping just for me.  ;o) 

Here they are up on the wall.  I had to take a picture from the side as the glare from the back door windows was getting in the way of the photo.

I don't have a picture of it, but due to my bragging about the ceramic knife my parents gave to John for a gift one time, they gave me the smaller, paring knife size for my birthday.  It's going to be a wonderful addition to my kitchen.  I use John's knife all the time and have even dropped it on our concrete floors causing it to chip.  Hopefully I can keep this smaller one in my hand better and free of chips.  :o)

And then my church family.  They outdid themselves this year.  It seems that one of our members, Ms. Rita, put a bug in a few people's ears that they should do something special for me.  So, in a secretive fashion, they threw together a birthday breakfast and held it before church last Sunday.  Talk about surprised.

It didn't start off good though - - I wanted to warm up something for a breakfast to eat on the run and Johnny rushed me out the door.  I thought that was a little weird that he told me naw, and mumbled something I didn't quite decipher.  And on the way to church I said, "It sure would have been nice to have had a 'pig'.  I'm rather hungry."  He didn't say a word.  But then we got to church and I saw ALL the cars there early.  No one is there early except us and whichever family is leading music that week.  I walk inside and what do I see.  A smorgasbord of breakfast items!  And lots of smiling faces!!  They got me......

They gave me the flowers pictured above, a wonderful breakfast, a card signed by everyone, and a plaque for my office wall.  I'm drawing a blank right now, but the scripture is about serving.  It's beautiful and I will think of this special birthday every time I look at it.  I'll get a picture of it and post it up here another day.

One of my dearest friends L. gave me the friend plaque with the scripture on it and a new note pad for my desk.  However did she know I was running low on post-it's?  It's gotta be a God-thing.  :)

One of my other sweet friends gave me this bracelet she purchased from Amazima Ministries.  I'm going to tell you all about Amazima Ministries in a separate post.  It's a very special ministry and deserves a post all to itself.  If you can't wait for me, go ahead and google it.  But, I promise I'll get the info up here, soon......maybe even today if Caleb keeps on sleeping.  :)

My 46th birthday came to a close and I've never felt so blessed.  Thank you to my God for bringing me through another birthday, my husband, my children, my family, my church family, all the facebook folks, everyone for treating me so special.  I feel so undeserving and am humbled by all this extra attention.  But please know that I appreciate each and every gesture so very much!

With Warm Fuzzies,


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