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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Theater Arts Awards

Randy loves being a part of the drama/theater arts program at Tuloso Midway High School.  He's played some very fun and interesting roles along the way.  At the drama awards banquet for the 2011-2012 acting year, Randy was the recipient of three awards:

* Best Actor
* Most Memorable Scene
* National Leadership Award

The best actor award and the most memorable scene awards come from the votes of the entire theater and drama department.  So, basically, these awards came to him via his peers who share a love for the theater as well.

The National Leadership Award is one he was given/nominated for by the Counselor at the school.  Without understanding exactly what it is at this point in time it's hard to describe it, but he was told that it is one that could lead to receiving a scholarship, which is a very cool thing.

A prideful moment.  I'm very proud of Randy and all that he has accomplished this year.  Way to go Randy!  We look forward to next year and what roles the theater department will bring your way....

Love and Hugs,


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