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Saturday, June 23, 2012

7th Birthday......Part Two

We had a birthday party at home for Caleb this year.  When given the option, he always chooses to have the party at home.  This year after much pondering, he settled on a Swamp People theme. 

Here are his invitations.  First side said the where and when.

Second side had a cute picture of a Gator and a recent picture of Caleb in the corner.

He really wanted google-eyes on the gator, so most of the invites were made this way.

Here are some of the famous sayings from the show:

These are his favorite people from the show:

Here are the table decorations and his cupcake birthday cake.  The cake is 24 cupcakes organized in the shape of a Gator.  The brown scales are Mint Chocolate Cookies, the claws are Orange Rings, and the eyes and teeth are marshmallows.

In the background I put some fish netting, a small ceramic gator head, shiny green gator necklaces, candy dish, and all the signs.

I covered a large poster board with brown paper and trimmed it with some green papers to make it look like a "marsh."

I found a cute gator cookie cutter and made these also.

 A wild hair had me carving up this watermelon into a gator the hour before the party.  

Time for presents (not all gifts received are pictured):
Captain America mask from Sissy.

Fun, singing birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa.  Love that smile.

Another singing card from Miss Ella and family.

Always have to get a Caleb and Ella birthday picture.....

Hugs all around saying thank you.....

Happy birthday time!

Fun pictures of the kids eating and playing!!  All of them are precious and I love having my grand kids, niece, and friends here.

Looks like a pro in the making!

Thank you everyone for making Caleb's day so very special!  He loves all his family and friends so much and was very excited to have everyone here sharing in his day.

God bless,


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