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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pirate Night

On April 4th the Sinton Little League held Pirate Night at the Sinton High School Stadium.  A little leaguers were invited to attend for a short and sweet ceremony.  Well, let's just say this.  It was a hurry up and wait, short and sweet ceremony.  The poor coaches had to keep a slew of little kids in order, in line for an hour, for a two minute celebration on the field.   This is one of those things we can probably say we're glad we did it.  Once.  ;o)

Small picture but Caleb is the second child from the right.  He and all the other 1st base players followed the 1st baseman for the Sinton High School team out to 1st base to stand with him.

Here he is trying to greet and keep his kids together.

Hats off for the Star Spangled Banner.

Hats back on when they were done....

And you just gotta love the coaches for this.....keeping all the kids together.....holding hands in a line.  I love it!

A huge billboard outside the stadium for one of Sinton's finest - - -

Like I said, it was fun to do, but not sure we'll make this an annual event.  ;o)  I had the easy job of sitting in the stadium stands waiting to watch the ceremony.  Johnny had the pleasure of assisting in keeping all the little kids together.  Big SIGH when it was all over I'm sure.

Walking with the King,
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