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Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's a T-Ball Game

T-Ball is definitely fun to watch.  As I write this post, Caleb has already had 5 or 6 games, or possibly more.  Busy times lately and my posting is not up-to-date.  Unfortunately, the pictures I took at his first t-ball game did not turn out.  My camera decided to focus on the chain-link fence instead of the cute kid I was trying to take pictures of.  I didn't take the time to look at the pictures closely and it wasn't until I downloaded them to my computer that I saw all the fuzzy pictures.  Pilot error for sure.

At this age, all t-ball pictures tend to look the same, except the opposing teams shirt color changes every once in a while.  So, I told myself I wasn't going to go crazy and take tons of picture.  Therefore, I didn't see that all my pictures were fuzzy until game three was already upon us.

Here are some of my favorite high-lights from that game.
Caleb on 2nd base
Caleb still on 2nd.
Okay, I know, fuzzy fence, BUT he is coming in to home plate - so had to post this one anyway.
Our little 1st baseman.
It's a catch!
Back on 1st!!
Our little pitcher!
In position and ready to go!
Back at bat with a great swing!
And a hit - - so off and running!!
Waiting on 3rd base!
Here they are telling the other team "good game." 
I will surely post most pictures.  We are only about 1/2 way through our season.  I've take a few more pictures, but not tons.  ;o)   I am so impressed with these little ones.  They have improved SO much since the first game.  The coaches are all doing a great job with them.  Until next time....

Walking with the King,
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