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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cow Check-Up

It's already been ten days since we moved our twin cows to the pasture in Mathis.  For the last couple of days we've been trying to figure out a time to run by there and check on them.   Today was a warm day so we waited until things cooled off outside a bit and then we took a ride over there.   Johnny decided to let Penny ride along in the back of the truck.  We really didn't intend on taking Honey with us, but after being pulled out of the back of the truck, she immediately hopped back in.  So, we decided to give it a try and pray she didn't hop out and get hurt.  She did not.  Whew.

Several times in the last few weeks Johnny has been taking Honey, Penny and Caleb for a ride around the neighborhood.  Penny loves going for a truck ride and it seems Honey is beginning to enjoy that also.  Of course, Caleb's reasoning is that he gets to sit in the back of the truck with them.  Don't panic folks, dad is creeping along at a very slow speed.

Here are some photo's from today's cow check-up:

Honk the horn and they come a' running:

The red one in the center is one of our twins:

And here's the other twin, the white one in the center:

We brought some cubes with us and Johnny tossed them all around on the ground for them to snack on:

Caleb gets a little more brave all the time.  Today he really wanted to get out of the truck and stand with dad.  Johnny and I were very cautious because rattlesnakes have been since in this area.  We want to keep Caleb safe, but let him have fun, too:

Here's our girl again.  Johnny said he thought she looked like she was doing good, maybe a little better than the red one.

I received confirmation that yes, this cow in the center, with the black and bits of red swirled in, is the mother of our twin girls:

Here our red one, staring me down:

Johnny let Caleb ride in the back of the pick up through the pasture land and until we made it back to the main rode.  Every time I looked into the side mirror, he had his arm wrapped around Honey and a sweet smile on his face.  I held my arm out the window and tried my best to capture a snapshot of it, without dropping my camera on the ground!

Here he is feeling the wind on his hand and trying not to get dirt in his eyes:

Here he has his arm wrapped around Honey and he looks so sad, but it really was only because of the dirt flying around and getting in his eyes:

See what I mean?  I tried to get his smiling face, but at least you can tell by the sparkle in his eyes that he's having a blast!

When we dropped the cows off ten days ago, our nephew Bryan tried to get Caleb to drink water from the well.  He didn't want to.  But for some reason today he wanted to give it a try so dad pulled over to let him.

Back in the truck and one more smile for the road.....

This was the first time Honey had been further than the end of our block.  Johnny stopped for gas on the way there and said she was shaking like a leaf.  I laughed a little bit and said, well, the last time she had a long ride in a vehicle we brought her home and the time before that, someone threw her in a ditch.  I know dogs supposedly don't have long term memory, and I'm certain she was nervous because she was doing something she'd never done before.  I think she really did enjoy it once she calmed down....

Until next time....

Love and blessings,


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