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Monday, November 14, 2011

Just a Little Fun

Last week brought us a short, unexpected get-a-way.  Johnny had to go to Austin, leaving on Monday and wouldn't be back until Thursday.  Tuesday morning he called us to check in and on a whim invited us to come up to Austin to be with him!  Talk about impromptu!!  Caleb and I grabbed everything we thought we'd need for three days and threw ourselves in the car.  Within 2 hours we were out the door and on our way!

We didn't do anything special while we were away.  We had some quality family time and that's enough for me.  During the day Caleb and I walked around the mall area, did a "little" bit of school work, and basically hung out in our hotel room (The Westin at the Domain).  In the evening we ventured out again with dad, spending some fun time together.  

The Domain was a beautifully landscaped, upscale, outside mall.  You literally walked "city" streets and could peer in all the store fronts as you went.  My favorite store was probably Sur La Table.  All sorts of kitchen gadgets.  Our favorite gadget was the Chef'n StemGem Strawberry Huller.  I tried to capture a picture to put here, but the computer won't let me.  If you're curious, you can just click on the link.  We tried it out Sunday afternoon and it works GREAT!  Since strawberries are actually one fruit Caleb WILL eat, this little guy made my job easier!

I did take a few random pictures while we were away.  Caleb was in a posing mood, so every time he saw something he thought was interesting he asked us to take his picture.  Here are some of them....

What little boy doesn't like to stand up high on a 3 1/2 - 4 ft wall???
Being silly during dinner at Kona's Grill.  The food was absolutely delicious.  And I didn't feel that I cheated or ate bad at all.  Macadamia Nut encrusted chicken breast and green beans, on a pile of mashed potatoes, which I opted not to eat.  Oh, yes, and a bowl of tomato-basil soup....Yum!

I'm really not a bad mom.  At least I don't think so.  You can ask my kids and I think at various times in our lives they might agree or disagree.  Ha!!  Anyway, from the time we arrived in Austin at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon until these photo's were taken on Wednesday morning after breakfast, Caleb whined and begged to go swimming.  No matter how many times I told him it was really too cold, he didn't care.  I finally decided to let him.  I knew our day would be miserable if he didn't get to at least try.  

My mommy-instincts told me he would be in the water all of about 2 minutes and we'd be back in the room warming up.  It was going to be worth the time spent letting him get this "want" out of his system.   We really didn't have anything else to do anyway, so why not. 

While he was swimming, I texted one of the photo's to Johnny and Sissy.  Sissy thought it was hysterical and wanted to know how cold it was.  Well, tucked in between the buildings where we were at, it wasn't  "that" cold.  I estimated it to be low-70's with some sort of wind-chill because when the wind DID blow, it was rather cool.

So, Caleb gets in the water and it takes him about 5 minutes to actually get his head wet.  He comes in and out about 3 times.  Each time I would ask him, "are you cold, son?"  And he would tell me no.  The last time, his head nodded with an uncontrollable shiver.  Ten minutes was about all he could handle.  So, off to the room we went to get warm.  He might only be 6, but even he knew a warm shower was just what he needed.

The funny part about all of that?  When we went through the lobby about 30 minutes later to go shopping we stopped at the "information table" which looked to me to be like an over-sized iPad, I saw in the upper right hand corner - 51.  I laughed out loud - it was 51 degrees outside!  I let my son go swimming in 51 degree weather!!  That isn't something that will be forgotten very soon.... ay yay ya....

I'm not real good with bird identification, but I'm thinking maybe this one is a crane.  It was huge and Caleb insisted I get the whole bird in the picture.  We'd tried the night before, but it was too dark and the picture didn't turn out.  So, we did not forget to try again during the day.

Caleb and I sitting on a bench in front of Starbuck's.  We learned we could eat breakfast there for $9.50 instead of the $32 we'd have to pay at the hotel.  They have a glazed donut that Caleb thought was the best!  It was huge and he ate half for breakfast and the other half later for a snack.
Here is Caleb at Dad's work on the afternoon we were coming home.  Big rocks, high walls, oversized cranes and armadillo's.....Caleb wanted his picture in front of them all.  
Sometimes, some of the best times are those that are the simplest.  We didn't need any expensive forms of entertainment.  We just needed each other.  The hours we spent together during the day, and then those we were able to spend with Johnny in the evenings, were absolutely some of the best hours Johnny, Caleb, and I have had together in a few months.  One more treasure to tuck in my heart for safe-keeping.

Walking with the King,
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