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Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Soccer Game of the 2011 Season

October 1st marked the first soccer game of the year!  This year Caleb's team is called the "Cyclones."  All the teams are named using weather words - Thunder, Storm, Hurricane, etc...

As it turns out, his jersey color is orange.  Ummmm, yeah, we don't buy a whole lot of orange in our house.  Anyone who knows Johnny is an A&M Graduate, knows we don't "do" orange.  But, it is what it is, and our team color is orange.

It was a fun and exciting first game.  At this level, U8, we still do not keep score. (But, those of us on the side-lines tend to do a bit of counting and we can tell you the final score was 7-3!!)

Here are a few high-lights of the first game:

Caleb continued to do his best and tried to get after the ball every chance he could get!

Not sure what was going on here, but this young man (Javier I think), was truly excited about "something!"
This shot is of the kiddo's at a kick-off.  Caleb is doing his best to keep his hands out of the way.

This is Caleb at the end of a "throw in."  He did really well as they are required to keep their feet together for throw-in's.
And here we have the team at the end of the game getting an encouraging pep-talk from Coach Johnny.
 More soccer photo's to come as we progress throughout the season!

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