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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Almost Maine"

My extroverted son, Randy, loves drama.  Well, probably not drama in real life, but drama that he can create on stage.  From the first steps he took going into high school he found his way into the drama class.  Then auditioned for his first play, then second.  It's progressed from there.

This school year he snagged a few roles in the first play of the year, "Almost Maine."  This is a picture of Randy after the play was over, still in costume from his last scene.  He has red cheeks because he and his co-star were out "snowmobiling" together.

 Here I presented Randy with a goodie basket full of snacks.  I didn't really think he would want me to present him with a dozen roses.  LOL

I'm sorry this picture is so small.  I tried to get a picture of the full cast, but it was so hard to do.  

 At the end of every play, the cast stands on stage and applauds their work right along with the audience.  Here is a close up of Randy and a few of the guys.

Here is a picture of the cast and crew.  I don't think it's a complete picture as some of them had already left, but you can tell by the grins on their faces that even they knew they did a great job!  Far left, back row is their Theater Arts Teacher, Ms. Pratt.  Two over to the right is Lindsey Brazelton, who was a co-director for this play.  The young man, just below Lindsey and to the left a little is Luke and I think he was another co-director for the play.  

I'm so very proud of Randy and his performances in this play.  He did have some smooching parts and I wasn't crazy about that, but they were tastefully done and I guess I really can't complain.  I heard many a compliment to Randy for his parts in the play.  On two occasions I heard Randy told by the directors that he "stole the show."  Kuddo's to Randy as one of the roles he received just two weeks before the big night!

We're only three days removed from the completion of "Almost Maine" and try-outs have already taken place for the next play.  This time it will be a drama and Randy has read scenes for the lead role.  I know he's crossing fingers and toes that he gets the part.  Maybe I'll have an update in that regard very soon.

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