Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ohio Company

A sweet friend of mine, Sonya from Ohio, came to visit for a few days.  I met her via an on-line community for ladies/mommas.   I've known Sonya for over eight years now.  After Johnny and I had Caleb, Sonya was one of the first people I called from the hospital to share the news.  We've become close friends and talk frequently via email.  I flew to visit her last March, two months after she lost her husband in a tragic car accident.  I felt compelled to check on my dear friend.  After meeting her, she wanted to come to Texas.  It was a dream of her husband's, to visit Texas some day.  She full-filled his dream by coming to meet my family.

Johnny was off of work on the Monday she was here and we asked him to drive us around for the typical touristy type stuff.

We rode the ferry in Port Aransas, but unfortunately did not see any dolphins that day.

Stood in the big shark's mouth.  Haha!

Walked along the beach, sticking our toes in the water.

Caleb was near the end of his 2nd bout of strep throat.  He wasn't excited to get in dad's truck and drive around for a day, but he did his best to have fun.

Sonya wrote this in the sand.  I had a picture of her writing it, but well, it sorta had a side view of her back-side and I wasn't sure she'd appreciate me plastering that on my blog.

This is what I believe to be Caleb's first time to stand in a sand dune.  He was a bit excited and tolerated the heat on his feet quite well.

A few of these pictures are shots I took for Sonya since she accidentally left her SD card out of her camera and couldn't take pictures of her trip.

We fit in a few rounds of Bananagrams and had a great time!

This was already the day to go home.  Caleb and I drove her to San Antonio so she could catch her flight at the airport.  But, we spent a little bit of time on the River Walk first.

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant and Caleb was finally his old self.  He was so polite to the waiter and even ate all his food USING his fork instead of his fingers.  Sonya saw a bit of the cute personality he has instead of the sick little boy he was for the first 3 days she was here.

Our time went by fast and we can't wait until another chance to spend some time together.  Until then, please be in prayer for my dear friend.  Each day is a new day and facing the challenges that present themselves from losing a spouse are a bit much some days.  She is a Christian and I know personally she would covet any prayers said on her behalf.

God bless,


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