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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 Soccer Season is Underway

I can't believe this years' soccer season is underway already.  The team, otherwise known as the Rattlers, had their first practice on a Thursday with a scrimmage game the very next Saturday.   Not a lot of notice, but they held themselves really well and closed out their first game with a tie of 3-3, or maybe it was 4-4.  Either way, they tied and were very excited about that.  No high-shooting scores like last year.

These photos are from their first game.  I had to use my cell phone as my camera wouldn't charge up properly.  Caleb is the one in the black shorts and the blue shirt, and I believe he is wearing the white socks.  His team wore blue shirts and the opposing team wore lime green.

Caleb was a bit disappointed to learn that daddy would not be coach this year.  Apparently, the league only had enough kids signed up for 4 teams and they had enough volunteers for coaches.   So, daddy gets to be a spectator this year.  We have two coaches, Mr. Terhune (CC's local weatherman) and his assistant, who I have not yet learned the name.  All the kids seem to be enjoying the season so far.  As in previous years' tradition, his best friend Ella is on his team as well.

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