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acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doodle-Bug Update

It's been a long time since I've called my 2nd son Randy one of his infamous nicknames.  Randoodle, doodlebug, doodles, etc.  It's hard to keep a straight face when calling him doodles, considering he's now officially taller than I am.  When did that happen?  I'm really not certain but it was just recently that I looked at him and saw he was taller than I.  I guess I made that discovery on our mini-golf adventure.  I knew it would come some day, but wow, that day is now here.

Randy has officially finished his freshman year of high school.  What a busy year he had from marching band, to acting in two plays with the theater arts department, moving on to concert season in band and finishing out the year with the UIL One Act play making the alternate position for state.  In the third play he was in charge of all the sound effects.  Quite a responsibility to have for sure.  This year with the theater arts department proved fruitful as was the recipient of a couple of medals.  He's very excited about that.

Saying I am proud of Randy really doesn't give him justice.  But I'll say it because I am.  I won't say this year was easy for him.  Trying to keep up with all these activities and keep his grades up was at times a struggle, but for his first year in high school he did really well.  Learning to prioritize always involves a learning curve.  I know he's looking forward to his sophomore year and what it has to bring in the way of adventure.

The TM High School band received sweepstakes for both the marching season and the concert season.  His band this year was completely awesome.   If you have a few minutes, check out the band website.  they have some of their recordings posted on there and you can hear their awesomeness for yourself!!  To take a peek, or listen rather, just click here.

Randy finished out the year having to go to Austin to perform his UIL Ensemble.  They received a 1 at District, which then leads them to state.  I haven't heard the results of that trip yet as he is returning some time late Monday evening (the 30th).

What's next for Randy?  His trip to New York, of course.  He leaves on Thursday, June 2nd.  I know he is nervous to fly without mom or dad, but he is excited enough that he is going to do just fine.  I'm sure he'll have tons to share, adventure and photos, upon his return and we'll pass that on to you as we can.

For now, keep Randy in your prayers as he finds himself a long way away from home.  Independence and responsibility are good for our young'n's.  I know he'll have an awesome time!

God bless,

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