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Monday, February 25, 2013



I decided to put this post here since this event happened on a school.  It's incredible what a couple of weeks can do.  The first picture is just a day or two after birth.  We tried to wrap his back legs to offer support, but the wrap just didn't help.  You can see how the back, left hind foot is folded-over.  It was very difficult to watch him try to move around when it was like this.

In this second picture, you can see some darker wrapping on the back foot/ankle.  John and I put a splint on the back leg, with Caleb's assistance.  The splint made it harder for the little guy to lay down and get up, but he adapted to that rather well after a short while.  We left the splint on for as long as we thought possible.  After a week and a half, we decided he had grown some and we worried it would get, too, tight on his ankle.  So, we removed it ... to find ...

That he looked so much better.  He was still a little weak, but within a matter of minutes he took off running allover the pasture.  He was so excited to be "free."  It was a beautiful moment to watch momma and baby interact outside of their small pen.

Just a quick up date to let you all know he is doing awesome!!

Educating in Christ,

Momma Pam

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