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acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Off With the Trainers

A big day!!  Off with the training wheels!!

Caleb pulled his bike out and dusted it off a while back.  He's never really showed much interest in riding it.  But, suddenly, it was fun and he was riding it all the time.  After a couple of weeks, I told him he was doing so well, I really didn't think he needed the training wheels anymore.  I watched him do some "off-roading" like, going off the porch, over the edge of the driveway, stuff like that.  It brought back visions/memories of my brother doing stunts when he was a kid and I figured Caleb wasn't far off, but he certainly needed to be rid of the training wheels first.  He didn't like that idea, too, much when I mentioned it.  But, in typical "caleb-fashion," everything has to come in HIS time.

Today, John catches Caleb outside and he has one training wheel completely removed.  He found the right wrench in dad's tool box and took the training wheel off all by himself.  I was quite impressed.  I guess he decided he was done with those things.  John worried maybe he better not be so drastic.  So, they put it back on and he raised them up.  Caleb road around the yard for a little while with them like that.  We both noticed that the training wheels weren't even touching the ground.

So, John and Caleb took them off.  He was off like a rocket.  He only needed a hand to the back for the 2 seconds it takes to get going....

 And then he was cruising......

And cruising....

I wasn't allowed to put any pictures on Facebook, even though I was so stink'n proud at how quickly he learned to ride.  But, Caleb never mentioned momma's here I will brag just a little...

In Christ,

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