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acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, June 20, 2011

Catch'N Up

Hello and good Monday morning!

Today is the start of a new week and most assuredly new beginnings!   The Parker bunch has had a busy couple of weeks and I am seriously behind on my blog - - with lots of cute things to add when time allows. For now, here's a recap of recent events:

Randy is home from New York!  He had a super good time.  Brought neat gifts for some of the family as his budget would allow.  He saw the Empire State Builing, Ground Zero, one of the biggest toy Stores ever, the Broadway Play "Wicked," a New York Mets baseball game, China town, and SO much more!!  He has video and some pictures and as they make their way to me I will try to share.

Wednesday, 8th through Friday, June 17th:
His first week and a half back from New York, Randy spent with us here in Papalote.  I was so glad for that time with him.  It felt like it had been forever since he'd been here!

Sunday, June 12th:
That time quickly moved into a busy week at church.  The Engage Revival Team was here from June 12th - 18th.  The revival was the 12th through the 16th, but we had the distinct pleasure to enjoy their company again on the 17th in a more personal setting at our home.  They young men were such awesome individuals - Josh, Daniel, and Xavier will not soon be forgotten by our faith family.  Their love for the Lord and a sweet longing to share it with others was such a joy.  The entire experience was eye-opening for me (an my family I know) and was an all-together awakening that I want to keep tucked in my heart moving forward.  I can only pray that any seeds that were planted this week will prove fruitful in the coming weeks, months, or years.  What a blessing it would be if even ONE seed grew and someone came to know Christ as a result.

Monday, June 13th:  Wonderful first day of revival.  The kids loved the morning session so much they didn't want to leave and couldn't wait to come back the next day.  The youth had their session in the afternoon and learned about witnessing.  Everyone went home to dinner and came back at 7pm for the evening session.  It was a busy day for me, running kids to and from church, helping by carpooling some that needed rides...What a blessed day, serving the Lord in this way.

Tuesday, June 14th:  Tuesday held the same format as Monday.  A very busy day again.  Unfortunately, Caleb developed fever in the evening.  He was not a happy guy during the night at all.

Wednesday, June 15th:   We had to stay home Wednesday from the revival and Caleb was so feverish and sick he didn't even care.  I knew he was sick because he LOVED going and hanging out with the guys and he wouldn't have wanted to miss that for anything.

Thursday, June 16th:  Today was a better day....Caleb was feeling better and the evening brought the closing session to the revival.  We all gathered at the Lazy V and just hung out and visited.  The kids played at the park, tossed frisbees, kicked soccer balls, etc.  We had wonderful hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, BBQ'd by none other than Richard Hopkins, assisted by Lynn Echols.  The service and worship time were amazing.  It was really hard knowing this was the last night and the end.  But, I just had to tell my self it was the end of the revival, but not the end of the RESULTS of the revival.

Friday, June 17th:
John spent some of today showing the revival team around Corpus Christi. Then we wrapped up revival week with a birthday party for our dear and sweet little guy, Caleb Lynn.  How amazing it is that he has officially turned 6!!!  Where is the time going?  I dare say it is flying by too quickly.   We had so many here for his party, which we had two days early from his actual birthday.  Since his birthday was ON Father's Day this year (as it was the day he was born), it was a little hard to hold his party ON his special day.  We had folks that were going to be out of town and such, so it was bumped up to Friday to try to accommodate people we really wanted to be able to come.   We had my brother Rick, Steph and Sami,  my son Dusty, Morgan, Hudson, and Adi, Sissy, (Aaron was at work), nephew Justin and fiance Brandi with their little guy Jacob, niece Cari and her sweet family-Doug, Noah, Derek, & Emily,  church friends the Hopkins and the Israel's, and we can't forget our wonderful Revival team that made a little boys day and came to his birthday party!!   Unable to attend were Grandma and Grandpa because Grandpa worked too late and nephew Zach and his wife Melanie (Zach had drill and Melanie had to work).

Saturday, June 18th:
Johnny had an MRI scheduled today.  He's been having extreme pain in his neck/back/shoulder area for quite some time now.  After an x-ray revealed bone spurs in his neck, the next step seemed to be an MRI to make sure there wasn't anything else going on - - as if bone spurs weren't enough!!   This was scheduled for Saturday morning so Caleb and I tagged along.  We sat in the waiting room a bit, walked over to Sonic for a cold drink, and then because the waiting room was SO cold we sat outside on the bench at Radiology Associates (not to mention the program on the TV wasn't something worth watching).  With the breeze and shade from the carport cover we were quite comfortable.  It took a little while as this was way more detailed than an x-ray.  Our prayers now are that the doctors can figure out what is causing Johnny all this pain.  We would also like to pray for a non-surgical solution if possible.

Our day took us into Corpus to have lunch with my parents since they weren't able to attend Caleb's party.  It was a double-header as we celebrated Father's Day with my dad also.  What an enjoyable lunch time we had.  Sometimes it's nice to be in a smaller group.  A little easier to actually visit.  I like parties with my entire family, too.  But, there is something special about the one's that are smaller and a bit more intimate.

After lunch we romped on over to Toys R Us.  Yes, we hadn't truly bought anything for Caleb's birthday present and decided that this year we would let him pick something out.  It was actually fun and he took his job very seriously, walking through all the areas, trying to decide what he really wanted.  What a guy!!

We left there and were then able to spend some time with John's sister and her bunch:  Kathy & Larry, Cari, Doug and the kids, Justin, Brandi, Jacob, and Brandi's mom.  It was so nice to see everyone.  It fills my heart with joy to see all the little one's.  The extra special blessing????  To see Kathy in such good spirits.  She was tired but looked, oh-so-good!   Her chemotherapy treatments have been extraordinarily difficult and to see her smile, and laugh, and so upbeat - - ah, {tears}.  She is on a difficult journey and has one of the hardest parts now behind her!  God is so amazing and SO good!!!

Sunday, June 19th:
We wrapped up our weekend by attending our church services in the morning, having lunch out for Father's Day and Birthday, then took Caleb to see Kung Fu Panda.  Cute movie.  I loved to hear him giggle.  We came home after that and Johnny spent the rest of the evening putting together a bicycle, a nerf basketball hoop, playing croquet, and various other activities that came at Caleb's request.

Needless to say.....we are tired.  Caleb was beyond cranky all day Sunday.  Not his usual self at all.  Really.  I mean it.  He doesn't often get spankings.  I honestly can't remember the last one he did get because for him "words" are usually enough.  It would have broken my heart to have to give him one on his birthday.  So, daddy and I dug deep into our patience reserve and made it through the day.  Our prayer is that this attitude is not what came in with the 6th birthday, but a result of all that you've read about so much going on, too many things to do, and not enough down time; or restful nights.

God has been so good to me and our family.  We have much to feel blessed about!!!

Until I have time to work on the pictures I've been taking....this will have to do.

God bless,

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