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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And Now We're Six!

Why is it that birthday parties are so much work, yet so much fun??  You would think after all the kids I've raised, and am still raising, that I would have this one annual task down to a "T."  But, alas, it is not so.  

Here is the inspiration for this years party.  Caleb saw a Buzz Lightyear birthday candle several months ago and said that was what he wanted his birthday party to be.  So, here we go, Buzz amongst the mass of cupcakes.
And Buzz soaring over the earth at light-speed!
And the table setting of yellow cupcakes with homemade chocolate buttercream icing, chocolate cupcakes with the homemade chocolate icing, chocolate cupcakes with homemade white icing, and last but not least, white cupcakes with white icing.  A little something for everyone!

Tons of balloons for the kids.  This year I bought one of those $20 helium tanks from Wal-Mart.  Seemed easier than paying the one little place in Sinton to do it for me.  Especially when we spent $13 or so for half as many balloons.
And here they are...the dynamic duo, with a shot of my sweet sister-in-law Stephanie in the background.  I think she thought she was staying out of the way.  But, no, I got her, too!  Hee hee...
This is Xavier (one of the members of the revival team who was at our church this week,) McKenzie and Meghan.  They were trying to jump all together and going in the same direction, all with me trying to get a picture.  This was the closest I could get.  ;o)
Here's Miss Lucy, Allie, and Natalie, just chilling out on the back porch with sweet little Aiden down in the corner making use of the car that never gets used anymore.  
All the little one's had the best time with a short game of soccer!  Doug (my nephew via marriage), was the goalie and two of the little one's in the picture are his.  The tiny spec of a little boy that is hiding behind the soccer goal is Derek, and the one in the blue shirt in the center of the picture is Noah.  To the left of Noah is Jacob, to the right is Caleb and Hudson my grandson.
I just had to post this picture.  Look at Ella in that cool action shot, giving that ball a swift kick towards the goal.
Time to sing happy birthday!!  He wasn't as embarrassed this year as he was other years and was actually excited to be sung to.  ;o)
Another attempt to get an annual shot of the dynamic duo.  This one isn't too bad.  What a pair they are....we are so glad it worked out that they could come to the party.  It wouldn't have been the same without our Ella there.
Some cool jumping action from some of the kiddo's:

Here's Hudson and Caleb.  Love that pose from Hudson!!
Here's the back of Noah, Ella, Hudson, and Caleb.  I believe that is Randy off to the right.
I just love the pose I caught Noah in!  Only the camera can do that...
And precious Emily Ava.  Is she not the cutest thing since sliced bread?  Oh she is precious.  And a smiler to boot!  I didn't catch a smile here, but she's always offering sweet smiles, one after the other.  What a blessing she is....
Out of all the pictures taken during the opening of the presents this was the only one that came out clear.  I'm not certain, but I might have had the wrong setting on the camera.  It was either that or the lighting was poor.  Either way, we did end up with one with a sweet smile!

And it's a wrap up...The end of a special day for a special guy.  What a blessing Caleb is to our family.  We thank God for him each and every day.  He is a miracle in more ways than one.  For those that don't know Caleb's birth story...I'll share that some day.  For now, take my word for it.  He is our precious miracle...

In His Name,

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