Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Ears

Haven't I said it before?  Our little one's are always listening?  Well, I've been making a joke lately regarding home school.  We've had a few tough days and I question whether or not I can keep going.  A five year olds attitude makes a big difference in how the day will go!!  Anyway, after reviewing the curriculum for 1st grade, I told my sweet hubby that I was definitely going to have to put my big girl panties on!!!  Always the encourager, he said he knew I could do it.  I appreciated that, but I'm not the one I'm worried about.  It's my partner in this home school process - sweet, lovable, always cooperative Caleb.  Um, NOT!  We both have to have the "want-to" in this or the day turns quickly ugly.

Fast forward to today.  Wedding shopping once again. I'm on a serious search for the perfect flowers to decorate the wedding cake.  I am not skilled in making flowers out of icing.  It's a struggle for me to get a decent rose.  I have to make five to get one that I can even use!  I know if I practiced it more I'd get better, but I always seem to find a way to wiggle out of it.  Gum paste.  That's another option.  While at Hobby Lobby today I looked at a gum paste kit. Looks relatively simple, probably doable.  Only costs $20.  BUT, for the number of flowers I would need, I don't have the time to teach myself and then make all those flowers, um, by the 11th (said wedding is on the 12th.)  And besides, maybe the book only makes it look easy.  Fondant is another option.  Hmmm, still a lot of work.  And, to me, when the wedding cake itself is not covered in fondant, well, they would just look out of place.

So, where do I find myself?  Perusing the aisles with artificial flowers.  So many of them are absolutely gorgeous!  You'd have to touch them to know for sure they are fake.  I know real flowers are used on cakes all the time, but our flower order won't be in until next week and honestly, I need to have my plan in my head - well, NOW!  Not next week.  So, I'm looking and looking.  Frustrated as I can't find something that will work like I want it to.

Back to the cake decorating aisle we go.  Gum paste?  Fondant?  Oh, gasp!  I truly don't have time for that.

Back to the artificial flowers we go....By now, I'm seriously talking to myself.  I'm hoping some guardian angel will swoop in to stand (or float), next to me in the aisle and offer some much needed assistance.

Me:  "Wow, I really don't know what to do."
Caleb:  is talking to himself and tossing a bead around that he found laying on the floor.
Me:  "This is really frustrating."
Caleb:  more talking and singing, bouncing around the aisle.
Me:  "I just DO NOT know what to do!!"
Caleb:  comes to stand before me.  looks up at me, and with a cheeky grin asks, "put on your big girl panties????"   heee heee heee, haawww, haawww, haawww....
Me:  Bends over to smooch the little angel who reminded me that I am probably stressing way too much over flowers....

I made my decision.  The cake will have a bit different look than the one Allie picked out.  But, as flexible as I'm finding her to be, she probably will love it just the same.


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  1. HaHaHa LOL!!! Gotta love the little guy! And yes stop stressing. It is going to be a beautiful day and the cake is going to be beautiful and of course yummy!!!! Enjoy this time and cherish the memories....and yes I am still looking for my big girl panties!! HEHE!