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acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gone in a Flash!

The big day is almost here.  My baby girl will be married tomorrow.....Tomorrow.  Wow, it's really here.  I've been baking and decorating cakes for 3 days now....trying my best to get it done timely and not be rushed at the last minute.  A lot of folks think I'm a bit crazy for taking up this endeavor, but when your daughter bats her baby brown's and says, "Please, Mama?"  What can you do?  Not to mention, it's been good for me.  Keeping me busy.  (Like I really needed more on my to-do list to be busy, but maybe some of you understand what I mean.  Keep busy to keep the anxiety away??  Maybe that was the plan all along.)

I'd been at these cakes since 8:00 this morning.  An hour and a half break around 11, and another break from 6-9:30 as we went to pick up tuxedos in Corpus.  Mind you, I'm determined to get this groom's cake with the pretty coat on it before I go to bed tonight.  That way all tomorrow brings is the trimmings.  I noticed that for the last 30 minutes, as I'm going around all the edges spreading icing, that my hand is literally shaking.  And I mean literally.  Good thing it's icing and it's not a matter of getting is straight, just smooth.  It's in that moment that I realize why my left shoulder hurts so much.  I'm right handed, why isn't the right hurting as much?  Because it's the angle that I tip my head to spread the icing.  Yep, sideways to the left. wonder.

Let's share a bit of a chuckle in this cake decorating process.  It was about 10:50 Thursday evening (um, well, about an hour and a half ago) and I was in the kitchen, smoothing the groom's cake.  K-Love is playing on the radio and I'm humming/singing along.  So deep in thought, nary a thing could pull me out of it.  Well, unless that thing happens to be the rattle of my front door knob.  I turn swiftly to the left, squint, (yes, I'm in glasses, contacts are in their cases, so there was a bit of squinting going on) as I peer for a matter of two seconds towards the front window.  We live in the country and we've never had a visitor of any sort, this time of night.  Panic!

What do I see?  Nothing.  It's pitch black out there.  The front porch light has long been turned off...And the door knob is again rattling.  Let me remind you that this happened in the matter of seconds.  I dash off to the back of the house, wake Johnny, telling him someone is rattling the door knob.  He's groggy, but quickly dashes out, along with me, back towards the living room...

About this time, a full head of curls peeks around the door jam.  Ah, yes, I do recognize that face.  It is that of my daughter.  It is in that moment that I realize I was hearing a key in the door also.  She was on her way back from San Antonio and stopped to drop off the wedding favors she'd finished at her house last night.  It was her attempt to save me a stop at the church in the morning to pick them up as that was her original plan.  

This whole scenario could have been prevented with a text or phone call.  But, she was afraid if I wasn't awake, the ringing of the phone would scare me.  LOL   No, let's take ten years off mom's life by coming through the front door unexpectedly!  Bless her pee-pik'n heart!  She felt SO bad.  Tons of apologies as we visited and I realized my heart was pounding out of my chest and now BOTH hands were shaking...She said she knew she'd messed up when she tried the door handle, discovered it locked, and moved back to look at me through the window only to discover I was GONE!  LOL

It's worth a laugh now, but earlier....I was SCARED!

So, I sign off this evening hoping you can use your imagine and have a laugh at my expense.  I would like to mention also that the next time I post it will probably not be until after the wedding.   So, enjoy this snippet of my life today as I anxiously wait to post some lovely wedding pictures.

God's Blessings,

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