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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carnival Madness

One thing that goes hand and hand with the Stock Show is the Fair, or what our kids like to refer to as the carnival.  We promised Caleb all week long that we would take him to the carnival on Friday night.  Well, Friday night was cold and plain yucky.  I think more than anything, it was the wind.  I felt so bad for Johnny who was suffering with an eardrum that burst.  So, the wind was not his friend at all.

But, because we promised - - we went.  Here are some fun pictures of Caleb and his best friend Ella as they road the rides together.


Teacups a turning!

Caleb was having a blast on this ride.  I can't say the same for the little boy sitting in the seat down from him.  He looks a bit upset.  And I could not get the red eye to leave some of these photos.  So frustrating.  It just put a black blob over his eyes, which made Caleb look like someone had punched him.  I decided red eyes looked better than black eyes.

Caleb and Ella weren't able to ride in the same seat the first time they went on this ride.  So, here's Ella on the opposite side from Caleb.  Needless to say I think they did every ride at least twice and some of them three times (like the Merry Go Round).

I can't believe we let our little one's go on this ride.  It was a "haunted house."  Of course, look at their faces!!  Pure laughter!  They loved it so it must not have been very scary.

Flintstones roller coaster.....

Merry Go Round - I never could catch both of their faces looking at the camera.  They were always looking at each other and laughing!!

This was probably Caleb's favorite "ride."  Here he's being secured into a harness.

And here he's jumping as high as he can!

It took him a few minutes to get comfortable then he was doing flips like crazy!

Here's Ella - she wasn't going to let Caleb show her up!

With making flips either!

Last ride of the night - jet ski's...

Can I say they had a blast?  They did!  The only thing that would have made it better were if Caleb would have gone down the BIG slide with Ella.  But, he said, "I'm afraid of heights."  LOL  I think maybe he's heard me say that!  And, "Mr. I'm Afraid Of Heights," wanted SO badly to go on the Ferris Wheel!  Really?  Poor Caleb and Ella couldn't find even one adult willing to go on the ride with them.  We'll see.  Maybe next year!

Sweet blessings,
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